4 Ways to Reduce Water Usage at Work

4 Ways to Reduce Water Usage at Work

Your home isn’t the only place to consider reducing your water usage. Your PT office is the perfect place to reevaluate how you, your clinicians and staff are using water. From leaving the faucets running to watering at the wrong times during the day, we’ve collected our favorite ways to shift how you use water.

Install Water Efficient Appliances

Depending on when your office building was finished, it’s likely that your water appliance (faucets, sprinklers, washing machines, etc.) are not water efficient. This means they’re likely using more water than necessary and leaking more regularly due to old age and high usage. Fortunately, you can install a water-efficient appliance that saves you money and helps reduce your water usage at work. Some water efficient appliances include

  • Low flow toilets
  • High efficiency washing machine
  • Aerotors on faucets

Smart Water

No, not the bottled water. We’re referring to watering at “smart” times. Watering the exterior of your building during high heat times between the hours of 10am-6pm require you to use more water. Whether you water your exterior by yourself or use an automated system, consider watering after 7pm in the summer and warmer months. Your plants and budget will thank you.

Use EcoPro Pillow Covers

If you’re currently using cloth pillow covers then this means that you are using about 5,200 gallons of water per year, per therapist. That’s a lot of extra water! If that number doesn’t haunt you then consider that each of your therapists will spend about $1,000 a year washing their cloth pillowcases. EcoPro pillow covers help your PT clinicians save water and money. Simply wipe down the pillow cover with a disinfectant and you’re ready for your next patient!


We’re all busy throughout the day and saving water might not be on the top of everyone’s mind. There’s no reason to get upset! Shifting towards a greener lifestyle takes some time and adjustments. Placing signage around the building encouraging staff, clinicians, and patients to save water will act as a reminder that we are all trying to do our part for the bigger picture.

Start Today

Whether it’s placing up a sign or ordering new pillow covers from EcoPro, why not start your water saving journey today? Did you know that when you order your pillow covers from EcoPro 1% of your order will be donated to water.org. We’re passionate about making the world better for everyone, including helping to provide access to clean water to communities all over the world. Shop now and help a community in need!

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Brook Phillips