5 Ways to Cut Down on Missed Appointments

calendar that says by appointment

Mistakes happen and calendars get mixed up but missed appointments cost your clinic, staff, and patients more than just time. For every missed appointment a patient loses valuable recovery gains. Whether it’s from forgetting appointments to poor appointment schedulers, here’s how to cut down on missed appointments. 1) Missed Appointment Fee Accidents and mistakes happen…

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3 Easy Ways to Improve the Patient Experience with $0 Dollars

a man doing a single leg lunge while a physical therapist watches over him

You don’t need fancy coffee machines and brand-new tech to make a positive patient experience even better. A better patient experience can be created simply by saying their name, updating your website, and giving your patients space to talk. Improving your patient experience not only benefits your patient but your staff and clinic as well.…

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5 Reasons Play in the Workplace Can Help Your Staff

colorful plastic balls

Close your eyes and think back to summers as a kid. Days spent outside, playing at the pool and exploring new worlds with neighborhood friends. Time seemed endless and worries and troubles were non-existent. No, that’s not just the nostalgia talking. Play as a child had immense benefits to your mental health and as an…

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4 Ways to Manage Stress in Your PT Clinic

red cursive neon sign that reads breathe on a living wall of plants

Between work, personal life, and the world at large, stress seem to be more commonplace nowadays. In fact, 55% of Americans say that they are stressed on a daily basis. Workplace stress causes U.S. businesses to lose $300 billion dollars annually. And work-related stress causes 120,000 deaths per year and $190 billion in healthcare-related costs. Stress isn’t totally unavoidable but it is manageable. These are our favorite tips to beat stress in the workplace

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How to Market Your PT Clinic to Gen Z

marketing your pt clinic to gen z. two gen z kids laughing together on an iphone

Gen Z makes up to 40% of the market today. And while we’d like to believe that they’ll be children forever, the reality is that 1) They won’t and 2) Even children need PT services With their never-ending access to online content, Gen Z is some of the most informed patients to date. Now that…

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