How to Market Your PT Clinic to Gen Z

marketing your pt clinic to gen z. two gen z kids laughing together on an iphone

Gen Z makes up to 40% of the market today. And while we’d like to believe that they’ll be children forever, the reality is that 1) They won’t and 2) Even children need PT services With their never-ending access to online content, Gen Z is some of the most informed patients to date. Now that…

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3 Ways to Update Your PT Clinic to Entice New Patients

physical therapist consulting a new patient. Holding a model spine

Looking for new ways to entice new patients? You may instinctively want to offer discounted rates, up your hours, or even offer a new service. All of which is great, however, there are a few different things you can try before you commit to something as permanent as new hours or new services.  From updating…

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5 Father’s Day Gifts Dad Actually Wants in 2021

black and white photo of a dad and son fishing

Father’s Day is this Sunday and this year we’re getting Dad something he actually wants. Say goodbye to “Best Dad” mugs and hello to awesome gifts like Airpods, chef subscriptions, and wireless charging systems. Whether Dad is a techie or a foodie, we’ve got something for every Dad on this list! 1) Apple Airpods Max…

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4 Ways to Reduce Your Physical Therapy Clinic’s Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is the percentage of carbon produced from using water, creating waste, and traveling. While it’s nearly impossible to have a 0% carbon footprint, it is possible to reduce your percentage. Just like you as an individual have a carbon footprint, your physical therapy clinic has one too. From your clinic’s water usage…

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