Creating a More Sustainable Future: How Your Physical Therapy Clinic Can Lead the Way

As healthcare professionals, physical therapy clinic owners have a unique opportunity to lead the way in promoting sustainable practices and creating a more sustainable future. By implementing eco-friendly practices and advocating for sustainability, physical therapy clinics can reduce their environmental impact and inspire their communities to do the same. In this blog post, we’ll explore…

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Why Choosing Reusable Pillow Covers is the Eco-Friendly Choice

Physical and occupational therapists can make a positive impact on the environment and save money by adopting eco-friendly practices in their clinics. This blog post explores the environmental impact of single-use pillow covers and the benefits of using reusable covers, such as the EcoPro pillow cover. By using reusable covers, therapists can reduce their clinic’s environmental impact, conserve natural resources, and even save money. Plus, 1% of their order is donated to to help provide clean water to those in need.

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4 Places to Share Your Sustainability Practices on Your Website

ecopro earth day

As a physical therapy clinic owner, it’s important to showcase your sustainability practices on your website in order to attract and retain environmentally-conscious patients.  After all, we’re all in this together. Here are four places to share your sustainability practices on your PT clinic’s website: Create a sustainability page on your website Dedicate a page…

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Easy Swaps for a Plastic Free August

an over head shot of a bunch of different sustainable products. you can see reusable shopping bags, glass straws with a glass straw cleaner, reusable metal tins that are small and circular. they are all sitting on top of a cherry wood colored table. it is very relaxing to look at

Plastic-free July may be over, but we had so much fun last month reducing the plastic consumption that we wanted to keep it rolling. Check out these five easy swaps for a plastic-free August. Let us know what your favorite easy exchange is for an eco-friendlier life. 1) Glass Water Bottle Did you know that…

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