How It Works, Reasons To Change, How To Use It

How It Works

Made from a soft, antimicrobial vinyl, the EcoPro pillow cover is the revolutionary new product that replaces wasteful paper and cloth pillow cases with an easy to clean, eco-friendly alternative.

The EcoPro pillow cover does not require laundering and is easily cleaned with the products you already use.

Simply spray with disinfectant and wipe off the surface of the EcoPro pillow cover while cleaning your table and your are ready for your next client!

Now you have more time to spend on things that actually help grow your business, while also saving money and conserving natural resources.

Oh, and by the way, your clients and staff will love them!

Drew Spraying EcoPro Pillow

Reasons To Change To EcoPro

There are lots of great reasons to make a switch to the EcoPro pillow cover ranging from ease of use to the cool, modern look.  Some of the main reasons are:

Cloth Pillowcases

Laundering cloth pillowcases is more than just a pain. It wastes money, water, time and electricity. Here are some factors to consider if you currently use cloth pillowcases:

It costs over $1000 per physical therapist, per year, to launder pillowcases.

Laundering pillow cases wastes 5200 gallons of water per physical therapist, annually.


Clinical staff spends 65 hours each year doing ONE physical therapist's pillowcase laundry.

It takes over 700 KwH of electricity per physical therapist, per year, to launder pillowcases.

Paper Pillow Covers

Using paper pillow covers doesn't just fill up the clinic trash can.  Paper pillow covers waste money and trees. Here are some factors to consider if you currently use paper pillow covers:

Paper pillow covers cost over $3000 per physical therapist, per year.

By eliminating Paper pillow covers, you save the equivalent of 2 trees per therapist, per year.


2 Full-Time Physical Therapist's using 4 Pillow covers = $239.80/5 years (expected pillow cover lifespan)

**The math:  All calculations are based on 2 Full-time Physical Therapist's seeing 15 patients per day and utilizing 2 pillows per patient.  Numbers will vary by clinic, business model and practitioner preference so actual savings will vary!

Using The EcoPro Pillow Cover:

  1. Insert a standard pillow into the pillow cover and zip it closed.
  2. Leave the optional hanging loop out for hanging when not in use, or tuck it inside for table only storage.
  3. Place the pillow on your treatment table
  4. Spray and wipe off the pillow cover with disinfectant while cleaning your table.
  5. Allow to dry per your disinfecting products instructions.
Helpful hints:
  • To improve airflow if desired, leave the zipper closure open approximately 2".
  • For clients with extreme kyphosis, fold pillow covers in half, tilt up the head piece on your table, stack multiple "thinner" pillows or try our MINI pillow.
  • To indicate a pillow cover has been cleaned, turn "dirty" pillows perpendicular to the table.
  • Use 20 oz pillows for improved stacking and foldability.

“At OPPT, we love our new pillow covers! Not only do we have less laundry, we do not have to spend time changing pillowcases either. The EcoPro pillow covers make our clinic look so much neater.”

- Beth Patterson
PT, DPT, SCS, CHC/Optimal Performance and Physical Therapies

How much does your pillowcase laundry cost?

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