Traveling Green: 4 Tips to Staying Green on the Road

We travel a lot for conferences, events, and just for fun sometimes! As a result, we’ve learned a few ways to keep our green efforts going strong even when we’re out on the road. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint while you travel, check out our favorite green travel tips!

Rent Green

We always try to rent the most fuel-efficient vehicle possible. However, sometimes for conferences, we’re required to pack a little bit more than we normally would for our personal travels. With this in mind, we make sure that we only rent one vehicle that will host us and all of our belongings. If a second vehicle is necessary, we rent the two most fuel-efficient vehicles.

Additionally, we try to stay as close to the hotel or Airbnb as possible to avoid unnecessary travel while already traveling. Finally, we plan and map out all of our routes to avoid getting lost and wasting gas and producing excess carbon from operating a vehicle.

Bring Reusable Accessories

Reusable water bottles and containers are perfect for grabbing lunch on the go and staying hydrated during the day. Single-use plastics have become a huge strain on our eco-system. Using reusable food and beverage accessories is one of the easiest ways to keep it green on the go. Using reusables, like water bottles, also encourages you to stay hydrated while traveling.

Travel Light

We only pack what we need. Which is what allows us to travel lightly and keep our travels green. Packing only the essentials (yes, this includes conferences necessities and equipment) allows us to avoid having to take up extra space on planes, in cars, and hotel rooms. We know how difficult it can be to know confidently what the “essentials” are so we often make lists before packing! Grab your phone or pull out the old pen and paper to start your essentials-only packing list.

Cook at Home

Food waste and takeout containers are some of the biggest contributors to waste. Staying in AirBnBs or hotels that offer small kitchens allows you to keep it green. Don’t feel like cooking? Eat local! Many local restaurants source their ingredients locally. This means that the ingredients make a smaller impact on their carbon footprint.

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