Clinic Design: Why Interior Design is Important

Having the best staff and equipment is important. But did you know that interior design is just as important? Most patients that are coming to see you are, at some level, in distress. Interior design can help relax and rejuvenate patients through the use of elements like lighting, color, functionality, and texture.

You don’t have to move to a new clinic space to create a restful and restorative space for patients. However, you can take a look at the current design elements in your space and reevaluate how those elements are contributing or taking away from your patients’ experience.


Lighting is one of the most important design elements of your clinic. Aside from helping you be able to see, lighting can impact mood and motivation. Lighting can affect the body’s circadian system, which impacts your mood, perception, and enables chemical reactions in your body.

High light levels are linked to better performance and an increase in overall satisfaction. Depending on your clinic space, natural sunlight may be limited. Yet, LED lights offer a similar effect. Switch out your old fluorescent lightbulbs for LED and try to use natural sunlight as often as possible.


Bright colors can be fun and mood boosters but they can also be hard and offensive on the eyes. Cool colors like blues, greens, and neutral tones naturally relax the body and lower the heart rate. Additionally, natural and cool colors help reduce blood pressure because they affect the nervous system.

If you don’t have the time, money, or manpower to paint your clinic space, you can always incorporate these calming colors via accessories. Look for furniture or accent pillows in cool, calming colors to create a calming effect.


Knick-knacks are a fun way to show off your personality without ever even having to open your mouth. However, knick-knacks can cause clutter and take away from the relaxing and calming environment you’ve worked hard to create.

Leave your knick-knacks at home or in a private office and out of the main clinic space. Remember, a cluttered space is a cluttered mind. Keeping the space open and clean helps your staff and patients stay calm and focused.

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Brook Phillips