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“Hey, Siri….” If you’ve ever said those words or heard a friend say them then you know how easy to use voice search is when you want to quickly find information. The number of voice searches in 2019 was 3.25 billion and is expected to rise to 8 billion by 2023. As voice search becomes more and more popular, it’s essential that you not only optimize your website for typed searches but voice searches as well.

Why is Voice Search so Popular?

It’s Easier Than Using an App or Going Online

We’re all constantly on the move and with stricter laws about using your phone while driving, voice search helps to alleviate the need to look at our screens during times and activities when we can’t.

More Accurate Way to Search

Can’t think of what exactly it is that you’re searching for? Don’t worry! Voice search is actually way more accurate. It can recognize longer search keywords and even melodies!

It’s Easier Than Traditional Type Searches

When the answer is only one or two sentences long, it doesn’t make sense to have to type out your search. Many searches are simply searching for hours, locations, and other short answers.

Use Natural Language

Traditional SEO taught us the formula “adjective + location + action” and for typed searches, this works perfectly. However, unless you’re a robot, you probably don’t speak like that. Voice searches utilize more natural language that often contains more words than traditional SEO search words. Try to use more than 7 words for 1 keyword. For example, “Physical therapy clinic in Santa Barbra California” is a perfect voice search keyword. Those living or traveling through Santa Barbra and looking for a PT will be able to easily find you.

Use Common Language

Did you know the average reading level is 9th grade? In fact, according to a study by Backlinko of 10,000 Google Home smart speakers, results noted that voice search results were spoken at a level that a 9th grader could understand. While we know that physical therapy often has complex verbiage and language, save the complex words for in-person treatment. This way everyone searching for your services can easily find and understand all that you offer.

Keep it Local

It may be called the world wide web but nearly 22% of voice searches are for local content. SEO and voice SEO are both designed to cater to the needs of the people. This means providing relevant content, such as local searches. Aside from updating each of your website’s tabs with location-relevant info, you can also start utilizing a blog to share helpful content and incorporate local information.

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