Reuse and Recycle: A Green Clinic’s Guide to Disposing Waste

News flash, 81% of millennials say that they expect some sort of declaration of corporate citizenship from the brands they interact with. In fact,  nine in ten millennials would make a brand switch, if the new choice was associated with a cause they supported. What does this mean for your clinic? Two things:

  • As more clinics hire millennial staffers and therapists, their hires are going to expect to work for a brand that has some sort of social initiative
  • As more millennials seek out physical therapists, they’re going to be more prone to select therapists that align with their core values

Bottom line, by making a public commitment to becoming an eco-friendly clinic, you can attract new hires, new patients and new partners to your clinic! We talked last week about ways your clinic can pro-actively reduce the amount of waste it puts out. So today, we’re going to focus on eco-friendly options your clinic can dispose of any waste it creates.

Reuse Waste When Able

Look for Resale Opportunities

Whoever said your clinic would have to be the ones to reuse your waste? If you’ve outgrown a piece of equipment, don’t immediately throw it in the dumpster. Take a second to see if there are any marketplace opportunities to give your waste a new life. There are hundreds of firms that specialize in buying and selling used electronics, exercise equipment, and office supplies. They, in turn, sell those items to businesses that are in the market for “cheaper” used items.

By working with these organizations, you can help support a domestic (or even international) business get off the ground, while also recouping a bit of your initial capital expenditure.

Donate to A Worthy Cause

Grant your old equipment a second life by donating it to a non-profit, or other charitable organization. Old therapy beds/machines can be donated to training organizations. Likewise, you can donate old electronics and even chairs/desks to local schools. Often, these donations may be tax-deductible, saving your bottom line while helping to save the environment.

Go Back to The Dealer

Be sure to check with your dealer, retailer or manufacturer to see if they have any old equipment buy-back or processing programs. Some dealers will even let you trade in your old equipment for a credit towards a new purchase. This not only saves you the time and hassle of handling the disposal yourself, it also provides a new life for the components of the old equipment as the dealer can reuse certain parts in the newer models.

Recycle What Can’t Be Reused

Repeat after us, “What can’t be reused, must be recycled!”

Many clinics have a recycling program in place for paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans (and that’s a great start). At a minimum, if you’re going to consider your clinic a “green clinic,” you’ve got to have a couple recycling bins in the office.

However, don’t stop at bottles and cans! Take your recycling efforts to the next level by ensuring your recycling program also includes things like:

  • Toner/ink cartridges
  • Cardboard
  • Telephone Books
  • Scrap Metal
  • Batteries
  • Cloth pillowcases and other fabrics

Take the time to do a quick Google search before throwing anything away. The “trash” you’re holding could be recyclable.

Consumer loyalty is shifting and it’s not just millennials. More patients, buyers, and partners are choosing to partner with brands and clinics that share their values. By committing yourself to being a more Eco-Friendly business, you can attract a wider consumer base that will applaud and reward your clinic for its green choice.

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Brook Phillips