3 Things You Can Do for Your Clinic with Your Downtime

With another 30 days in self-quarantine and many businesses, possibly yours, closed for the foreseeable future, and you may have some newfound free time. With all that’s floating around in the news, you may be inclined to hole up at home and wallow. However, we’ve decided to shift our view and the way we look at the new normal. We realized there were all these things we wanted to do in the clinic and online that we struggled previously to find time for.

Not sure where to start? Fear not! We’ve got our top 3 things we’re doing with our downtime at our clinics!

Deep Clean Your Clinic

You’ve always kept your clinic clean and well-sanitized but there’s something about a deep clean that just, well, feels better. Move the furniture around, shampoo the carpets, wax the floors, dust the floorboards, wash the walls and windows; well, you get the idea.

This free time doesn’t have to be about cleaning either. If you’ve been wanting to redecorate, re-paint or rehab your interior and are able to do it yourself, why not!? With your clinic closed or reduced scheduling, this is the perfect opportunity to give your clinic a little touch-up.

Clean Up Your Online Presence

So, you have a website but have you looked at it recently? If you read our article about optimizing your website for voice search, then you know how important the correct information on your site is. Yet, your website isn’t the only place you exist online. If you’re on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp or any other online directories or social pages, make sure the information there is correct and up to date.

Here is a online clean up checklist:

  • Update hours
  • Update address/additional locations
  • Add or correct contact information
  • Address any outstanding reviews or comments
  • Add new photos
  • Update profile images if out of date

Get Active Online

With not much to do and nowhere to go, this is the perfect time to get active online. Staying connected with your patients via social media or email can have immense benefits for both your clinic, patients, and those curious about physical therapy. If you’re not sure what to post online or in your email blasts, check out some other physical therapists and clinics online to see what they’re doing.

Another way to look at getting active online is to think about what you would want to see if you were a patient. Light stretches and exercises that are safe or easy to do at home are a great example of content to share.

Finally, engaging with your online community through commenting, hosting Live Q&A’s, or hosting AMA’s (ask me anything) is a fun way to stay connected and share your knowledge and expertise with your followers online.

Stay Positive

This may be a new world that you’re navigating. However, the silver lining is that we are all navigating this world together. Staying positive and maintaining the course will help you and your clinic staff stay confident and sane during this uncertain time.

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