How To Get Your PT Clinic Staff On Board With Switching to EcoPro Pillow Covers

Alright, you’ve done the research, you’re aware of the environmental benefits of switching to EcoPro Pillow Covers (not to mention the cost savings), and you’re ready to make the switch. That’s awesome! But how do you get your team of staff therapists, aides, and techs on board with making the change from cloth pillow cases to EcoPro Pillow Covers?

We know that changing any procedure in a physical therapy clinic is not always easy, so we’ve laid out some helpful tips on how to get your staff invested in making the switch.

Tip 1: Educate

Bring your staff up to speed on why you’re choosing to switch to EcoPro Pillow Covers. After all, if they understand the motivation behind the switch, they are more likely to follow through on using their new Pillow Covers. A couple key talking points:

  • They reduce clinic laundry by as much as 80%.
  • Each Pillow Cover saves 2,600 gallons of water PER YEAR. Just by itself. That’s equivalent to almost 5,000 bottles of your favorite soda.
  • They look better than wrinkled, old, floppy cloth pillow cases.
  • No more awkward, rushed, chin-tuck pillowcase changes (see below).

Awkward Pillow Tuck

Tip 2: Demonstrate

Give your clinic staff a demonstration on how to use the Pillow Covers. Show them how to clean the cover – just like a treatment table – and make sure you have enough spray bottles, towels and/or wipes for each table.

Tip 3: Inclusion

Create a system for indicating when a Pillow Cover is clean and ready for the next patient. It’s important to decide this system as a group to ensure everyone has ownership over its implementation. As an FYI, most clinics place clean pillow covers vertically on the table to indicate the table and pillow cover are clean and ready for patient care (as opposed to the normal, horizontal position). If this system works for your clinic, great! If not, decide amongst yourself what system would be most efficient.

Tip 4: Empower

Educate your staff on how to discuss the switch to EcoPro Pillow Covers with patients. Specifically, how much water is conserved with the EcoPro Pillow Covers. Our experience (and we are all PT’s) is that patients have more positive things to say about EcoPro Pillow Covers than questions. And, once patients hear the green impact this switch has, they’re more than supportive on the switch!




Tip 5: Reassure

Reassure staff that the EcoPro Pillow Cover is going to make their job easier. Let them know that:

  • Each cover is made from soft, antimicrobial and PVC-free faux leather material that is comfortable for patients
  • EcoPro Pillow Covers were created by PT’s for PT’s
  • They are in use in hundreds of PT clinics, PT school labs, and medical offices across the country

Tip 6: Market

Instill a sense of ownership and pride within your staff. Actively promote the change as an eco-friendly decision for the business. Start by placing signs in the waiting area, promote the change on your website, and on social media. Also, you can use the switch as a catalyst to implement other eco-friendly changes to your clinic.

We know how scary change can be for PT clinic therapists and staff, however, by addressing staffer concerns head on, you can better ensure their cooperation in making the switch from cloth pillow cases to EcoPro Pillow Covers.

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