4 Ways PT Clinics Can Conserve Water

The average PT clinic uses over 10,000 gallons of water a year! That’s enough water to fill a medium-sized residential swimming pool. No matter how you slice it (splash it?), that’s a lot of agua. At EcoPro, we’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with clinics across the country who are working hard to cut back on the amount of water they use. Some are driven by a mission to have a smaller impact on the environment, others are looking to pad their bottom line a bit. Whatever the motive, through their example we’ve learned that cutting back on your clinic water consumption doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here are a couple of our favorite water-conserving tips.

Say No to Bottles

Sure, giving every patient an individual bottle of water may have a certain elegance to it, but it is also wasteful. At the end of a busy day, you’re left with dozens of half-empty bottles of water. Where does that leftover water go? You guessed it, right down the drain.

Instead of passing out water bottles, opt for reusable cups sourced from a water cooler. This way individuals can fill their water on demand with the desired amount. Also, depending on where your clinic is located, you may even want to consider keeping cooled pitchers of city water on standby for patients. If the idea of drinking city water makes you a bit squeamish, considering installing a faucet-side filter.


Install Low Flow Aerators

Low flow aerators are small attachments that screw onto most faucets. They typically cost between $5 – $10 per faucet, and can reduce the amount of water an individual sink uses by up to 50%! The aerators work by reducing the volume of water that comes through a filter, not the force of the water, so there’s no loss in water pressure.

Switch to Water Saving Appliances

For most homes and clinics, the top water using appliances are dishwashing machines, laundry machines, showers/sinks, and toilets. If you have the opportunity, considering installing and replacing worn or outdated appliances with water-efficient options. Cut back on water consumption while also giving your clinic bathroom a stylish upgrade.

Drop the Laundry

By far the biggest water bandit in a PT clinic is the washing machine. This ever-running clinic standard barely gets a break. Why? Cloth pillow cases! After all, if your clinic is using cloth pillow cases, they need to be changed after every patient. The result is a small mountain of linen that needs to be washed every day.

Ditch the laundry and replace cloth pillow cases with reusable vinyl pillow covers like our EcoPro Pillow Covers. Made from the highest quality material, our comfortable Pillow Covers last for years! They’re easy to clean, simply spray with the same sanitizer you use to clean your tables, then wipe clean and let dry. No more wasting water (and time) on never-ending spin cycles.

Cutting back on the amount of water your PT Clinic uses doesn’t have to be hard. Huge gains can be made by making small investments in key areas. Get started today with your first EcoPro Pillow Cover!


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Brook Phillips