How Much Money Can EcoPro Pillow Covers Save You Each Year?

Most people don’t get into physical therapy with the dream of rolling in the greenbacks (though it is a great thought); we get into PT because we are driven by a mission to assist and promote the recovery of the injured. Due to the nature of the business, often times most physical therapy clinics run on fairly tight margins, investing what profits are made into things like employee training, upgrading equipment, and new treatment options. Every dollar is accounted for and is used to grow the clinic so it can provide top-notch service to the community.

With such margins in play, PT clinics are constantly looking for ways to cut costs without cutting back on the patient experience. A couple cost-saving initiatives that we’ve seen implemented by PT Clinics include:

  • Investing in a smart thermostat (like a Nest or Ecobee) to automatically cut back on the power bill
  • Moving the office from paper and plastic dishware to reusable plates, forks, and glasses
  • Cutting back on printing costs by opting for paperless communication when able

Instituting any or all of the above could add a substantial boost to your practice’s bottom line. But what if we told you that EcoPro customers routinely save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars each year just by switching to our environmentally friendly EcoPro pillow covers?


Here’s How EcoPro Pillow Covers Saves You Thousands

Do you know how just much you spend on pillowcase laundry alone? Let’s assume a full-time physical therapist uses a single treatment table for 280 visits per month or 3,600 visits per year.

If your clinic is using cloth pillowcases, daily energy, and water consumption to launder them plus the cost of replacing worn and soiled cloth pillowcases comes to $1,000 per year per treatment table. For clinics with 5 or even 10 tables, that cost jumps to a significant $5,000 – $10,000 each year!

For clinics that are currently using paper pillowcases, the average annual cost is a whopping $3,000 per table! Multiply that by the number of treatment tables and the impact on the bottom line becomes clear.

Curious to see how much your specific clinic is spending on pillowcases? Use our interactive calculator to find out here.

Now let’s look at these consumption costs when using the EcoPro pillow cover. Outfitting a table with two EcoPro pillow covers costs a PT clinic around $400 per table and eliminates the need for daily laundering. The average lifespan of an EcoPro pillow cover is around 3 years, depending on use. That means your office is paying just $400 for three years of daily use.

Compare that to three years of cloth pillowcase use at the average $1,000 per year, and you can save $2,600 PER TABLE over that three-year period just by switching to EcoPro pillow covers. And that’s only one table – for clinics with 5 or even 10 tables, the cost savings ramp up significantly.

This is why so many clinics are trading in their worn cloth pillowcases for the streamlined, cost effective option of EcoPro pillow covers.

Ready to get started? Buy your first pillow cover here or reach out with any questions.

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