The Top Three Features of the EcoPro Pillow Cover

At EcoPro, we’re all about providing physical therapy clinics with insights and tips into how they can reorient their clinic to be more profitable and eco-friendly. We’ve also pulled back the curtain to expose just how much water the average PT clinic wastes on laundry every year!

This mission is what led us to design our flagship product: the EcoPro Pillow Cover. We’re proud to bring you a quality product that is already changing the way PT clinics outfit their treatment tables. Today we’ll focus on the three top features of our award-winning EcoPro Pillow Covers.

Made in the USA

EcoPro Pillow Covers are made exclusively in the good ol’ USA. We’re proud to employ American manufacturers to bring you our patented wipe-clean pillow covers. The choice to go American was consciously made. Sure, we could shave off a couple of pennies by making our covers overseas, but we’re on a mission to bring the highest quality solution possible to PT clinics, and to us, that meant going with American manufacturers.

High-Quality Materials That Last Years

What good is a pillow cover if it doesn’t enhance the patient experience? That’s why EcoPro Pillow Covers keep patient comfort top-of-mind. Each cover is made from quality, soft and comfortable faux leather vinyl that lasts for years. We believe in our products so much that every EcoPro Pillow Cover offers a 2-year warranty; however, we have clients whose pillows are still in perfect condition after 3 and even 4 years of use!

Each pillow cover is outfitted with a stainless-steel grommet for venting. We’ve also added a hanging loop to help keep extra pillows off the floor and near the treatment bed for convenience, safety, and cleanliness.

Wipe Clean Technology = No More Laundry

Did you know that physical therapy clinics that have made the switch from cloth pillowcases to EcoPro Pillow Covers report an 80% decrease in laundry? 80%! Imagine how much time you’d save by not waiting for the washing machine or dryer to finish their cycle and what investing those precious hours back into your clinic could mean to your bottom line.

Our PVC-free vinyl is coated with an antimicrobial finish, making our EcoPro Pillow Covers easy to clean. Simply spray or wipe clean the same way you clean your treatment tables!

Bonus Feature: Style Options For Days

Our EcoPro Pillow Covers come in a variety of colors and styles sure to match any office décor. From sage green to classic black, we’ve got you covered. Not seeing your preferred color? Let us know! We can work to add it to the available options.

We understand that making the switch from cotton or paper pillowcases can be a daunting decision for PT clinics. After all, cotton pillowcases have been an industry staple for decades. This is why we’ve tested, refined, and produced the highest quality pillow cover possible.

Stop wasting time and money on primitive options. Opt for easy to use, spray and wipe clean EcoPro Pillow Covers. Interested in making the switch? Contact us today!



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