4 New Year’s Resolutions That Will Actually Stick


Resolutions always sound like a good idea. And positive changes are wonderful. They can change the trajectory of your life over time and in your day-to-day. Typical resolutions usually revolve around topics like health, finances, and professional and personal development. While those are all wonderful metrics to monitor throughout the year, they’re not always sustainable.…

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Marketing Your PT Clinic Online to Attract New Patients

Desktop, laptop, cell phones, and tablet

Your online presence is one of the best ways to attract new patients. In fact, on Google’s search engine alone nearly 3.5 billion searches are made every day. However, with all the big marketing buzzwords swirling around, it can seem confusing and complicated to know where and how to start. While things like SEO, backlinks,…

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Your Beginner’s Guide to Social Media for Your Private Practice

iphone showing facebook, twitter, and instagram icon apps

Social media is so ingrained into our lives, both personally and professionally, that it might seem like it’s a simple no-brainer to use. However, using social for personal use and social for your professional business are two different beasts. Your social media profile for your private physical therapy practice must act both as a valuable…

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4 Ways to Get Your Sweat On During the 2022 APTA PPS in Aurora, CO

After a long day of conference learning, socializing, and checking out all the awesome vendors, (we heard #412 has the best booth) you’ll probably want to blow some steam off! There’s no better stress reliever than a good workout! From the ever-popular Orange Theory to breathtaking walking trails, these are the best ways to get…

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