8 Best Social Media Practice to Take with You into 2020

At this point, you probably have a greater understanding of the immense benefits of the effective social media use. From connecting with your community to marketing new services and staying in touch with past and present patients, social media is your new best friend. But, like any aspect of business, there are do’s and don’t’s. We’ve thought about how we’ve used social media over the last decade and these are our top social media practices we plan to take with us into 2020 (and you should, too).

Make It Someone’s Job to Monitor and Respond On All of Your Social Media Channels

Social media is called that for a reason. It’s a place people go to be social. Which means if you don’t have someone actively responding and engaging with people on your social media accounts, then you’re not doing social media very well. Though, we don’t blame you. It’s not always easy to run a successful physical therapy clinic and manage the nuances and day-to-day of social media. Whether you use someone internally or hire out and contract someone, make it top of your to-do-list in 2020 to hire someone to manage your social media presence.

Keep Them Informed

The face of physical therapy is changing all the time. While we still stick to many of our tried and true practices, we have to admit that there are some exciting new developments on the horizon. In order to use social media effectively, you want to establish yourself as an industry thought leader. Which means keeping users informed. Keep a steady flow of unique, interesting, and engaging industry information that will help position your social media pages as a place of knowledge and value.

Monitor News Sources to Stay Ahead

If you want to keep users and followers informed, you have to stay informed yourself. Stay up to date on the latest news and information surrounding your industry. Don’t be afraid to speak your opinions on what you find. The purpose of staying up to date is to be able to explain what’s going on and how it relates to your industry.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Customer service is the name of the game in 2020. Thanks to the power of choice, good communication is essential to maintaining a strong client relationship. Customers today expect nearly instant responses 24/7. And if they don’t get it? They’re likely to go somewhere else. Make sure that your social media coordinator is apt in the customer service department. Also, make sure they have enough knowledge and resources to answer most questions on the fly without having to make you the middleman.

Never Ignore or Remove Negative Feedback

Blocking the haters might work in your personal life, but in the professional world blocking them could start another storm you can’t control. Unless someone’s negative feedback violates the terms of service like using racial slurs, cursing or threatening violence, you need to keep it up. Address it and take it offline if necessary.

Keep it Positive

No one needs to know if you’re having a terrible day. Though there is something to be said about vulnerability and transparency. However, what we’re saying is that you should aim to keep your page as positive as possible. Even when it comes to responding to negative feedback. When the poster goes low, you go high. Sometimes people struggle to express themselves, especially when upset. Keep things positive and light to avoid escalating situations.

Know When to Make it Private

Some situations, especially when it comes to the medical industry, should be kept private. If and when a customer reaches out about a negative experience, immediately try to take it to a private message or offline and over the phone. As a provider, you need to be very careful what information you reveal online. Which is why it’s best to just take it offline as soon as personal information starts to be revealed.

Practice Gratitude

Always thank your followers and patients on and offline. Gratitude goes a long way. Especially in interactions that happen online since online can feel a little cold. Never forget your P’s and Q’s but don’t be over the top.

Treat Yourself

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