Building Camaraderie With Your Staff

Staff camaraderie can be seen, felt, and heard by patients. Not only does strong camaraderie help with patient experience but it improves staff retention. When your staff feels like they’re a part of a team, they’re more likely to experience improved morale, experience an improved mood at work, and increased motivation.

But improving camaraderie takes time, effort and careful planning. Yet, it’s so worth it. We’ve thought of our favorite ways to build camaraderie with our staff and wanted to share them with you!

Lunch and Learn

Lunch and learns are a light hearted, easy way to get to know your staff and learn something about your industry or each other!

Discuss journal articles, enjoy new lectures, or share something about yourself with everyone for 15-30 minutes.

For some people, their lunch time is very precious to them. Keep lunch and learns optional and keep them scheduled regularly but not too often. For example, once a week, once a month or once a quarter depending on the depth of the learning.

Group Workouts

Working out alone can be hard to do. Which is why group workouts can be so effective. The holidays are an easy time to pack on the pounds but with group workouts you and your staff will stay motivated to make time to work out! Make the workouts optional. Some people don’t love to do group workouts but still like the option of knowing it’s available.

Celebrate Birthdays

While some people may not be big birthday people, it’s still nice to feel a little special on your day. Whether you throw them a party of simply have everyone in the clinic sign a card, do something special for your staff on their birthday. Don’t forget the cake! Make sure to ask ahead of time if they’re a cake person or prefer something else. It is their birthday after all.

Award Ceremonies

Michael Scott was on to something when he created the Dundies. Whether they’re silly like the awards in The Office (cleanest sneakers anyone?) or maybe they’re more serious, celebrating your staff for their accomplishments, big and small, can help keep morale and motivation high. You can even have special award certificates made. Or do it big and get small custom trophies!

Social Time

Happy hour, after-work dinners, concerts, etc. are all great ways to get to know your staff without the pressure of work looming over everyone. Each outing doesn’t have to be sanctioned by work but you can encourage your employees to reach out to each other after work hours. The purpose of social time is for everyone to just let their wall down and get to know each other as people and not just a coworkers.

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