5 Strategies for Creating a Competitive Advantage for Your Clinic

For most physical therapy business owners, you’re likely not the only clinic in town. Which means it’s in your best interest to find ways to set yourself apart from the others. While excellent service is, of course, one of the ways, it’s simply not enough to maintain your competitive advantage. From social media to offering cash-based services, these are our favorite ways to stay competitive.

Expand Your Offerings

Offering physical therapy simply isn’t enough in this day and age. Patients are often looking for “one-stop shops.” Meaning, they want a clinic that offers additional services that complement their current pain management plan. Offering yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy with aromatherapy are just some of the expansion offers your clinic can offer that complement your treatment plans.

Innovative Healthcare Marketing Technology

Tablets, online appointment making, and reminders, as well as letting patients add their appointment times directly to their Google or iCal are just some of the innovative healthcare marketing technology patients are looking for in a clinic. By incorporating innovative healthcare technology, you make it easier for patients to make appointments, fill out in-take forms, which in turn makes them more compelled to finish their pain management treatments and programs. These new technologies also make it easier for your staff and clinicians to stay up-to-date and in the know with what’s happening in the clinic.

Offer Cash-Based Services

As you consider offering yoga, massage therapy or pilates, also consider offering these services as cash-based options. Many patients, past and present, are looking for one-off services that they are willing to pay in cash and out-of-pocket.

Ask for Reviews

Simply asking for online reviews can help your scores online, which in turn, gives your clinic a vote of confidence in the eyes of potential new patients. Whether these new individuals are looking for a new massage therapist, a pain management treatment plan from a licensed physical therapist or want to try a new yoga class, reviews can help them get to know your clinic before they ever set foot into your office.

Use Social Media

Social media is a free tool that allows you to not only market your clinic and its services but it also allows you to stay connected with patients and educate new and potential patients. Use social media as a way to educate and reach new patients who may be curious about physical therapy or some of your expanded offerings but aren’t sure where to go. Once they get to know you online, they’ll feel more comfortable getting to know you offline.

Staying Competitive

Staying competitive requires innovation and thinking outside-of-the-box. Don’t forget to ask your patients what they’d like to see at your clinic. This way you’ll know that you’re offering exactly what your patients want.

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Brook Phillips