3 Ways to Innovate Your PT Business Model

3 Ways to Innovate Your PT Business Model

Incorporate Other Health & Wellness Providers

There are likely other non-competitive health & wellness providers in your area who have the same goals and mission as your clinic, which is to bring total body wellness to your community. Creating an informal network of local, noncompeting providers like acupuncturists, massage therapists, etc., can help provide patients get the treatments they need.

But why is creating an informal network important to innovating your PT model? While physical therapy may be great for some people, not everyone is going to need treatment. Second, some people may need additional treatments beyond physical therapy. Finally, you want your community to view you as a total body industry leader.

Use EcoPro Pillow Covers

Recycling and avoiding plastics are just two small ways you can innovate your business model at your practice. By using EcoPro Pillow covers you can save more than just money. One pillow cover per therapist can save up to 700KwH of electricity and 5,200 gallons of water. Additionally, eliminating paper pillow covers can help to save up to 2 trees per year per therapist and save $3,000 per year per therapist.

Today, many people are more conscious than ever of their waste and consumption practices and habits. As a result, they’re seeking out businesses and products that align with their desire to live, work, and play green. EcoPro pillows allow you to set yourself ahead of area businesses by looking towards the future.

Offer Subscription Services

There’s a subscription service for dinner, movies and tv, and music. It’s time to innovate and offer another subscription service your patients might be interested in. Subscription services offer your patients a chance to still benefit from physical therapy even if they may not need therapy regularly.

Your patients will be able to pay a monthly fee in order to have access to specific treatments throughout the month. This can help generate reliable income, great for patients who are serious about their health and want to avoid waiting for an appointment and can reduce their co-pays and healthcare spending through preventive treatments.

Innovation Takes Time

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the idea of innovating. Implementing any one of these three ideas will take time. You won’t be able to change totally overnight but you can start implementing some of these tips to your practice and find which ones work for you.

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