6 Ways to Increase Patient Retention for Your Physical Therapy Clinic

6 Ways to Increase Patient Retention for Your Physica lTherapy Clinic

Managing and running a successful physical therapy practice requires a unique set of marketing, business operation, and physical therapy expertise skills to be successful. The truth is that even if you’re the best physical therapist in your area, this does not guarantee long-term success. Patient retention along with excellent care will ensure that your clinic has long last success.

But how exactly can you increase your patient retention rate?

Be a Good Listener

Listening is one of the most important aspects of physical therapy. Listening allows you to fully understand what your patients are going through at every step of the way. So, how can you be a good listener? Ask questions! Don’t just ask them about their current pain problems. Find out more about their hobbies, life, career, etc. This allows you to gain a better insight on who they are, how to treat their pain, and ensures that they’re more likely to complete their program.

Offer Superior Care

Offering superior care might seem like a no-brainer but often times care providers fall short because they’re busy. Offering superior care means paying attention to details, going above and beyond, and staying in the moment and present with each patient. Additionally, superior care extends beyond after your patients leave.

Follow Up

On your journey to offering superior care, don’t forget to follow up. As we just mentioned, superior care extends beyond after your patients leave. Following up either via email or through a phone call shows your patients that you care about how their feeling, even when they’re not in your office. A follow up allows you to maintain that patient/clinician relationship even after they’re finished with their care.

Teach Your Patients

One of the many reasons why patients fall off the wagon is because they don’t have a full understanding of why they’re doing what they’re doing. Teaching your patients what, how, and why can help connect them better to their treatment and make them feeling as if they’re a part of the process beyond just being a patient. Consider printing out exercise and stretch tips for patients to take home with them and use as homework.

Use Appointment Reminders

We all are very busy! Which means it’s easy for patients to forget about their appointments; even if they’re committed and dedicated to their treatment plan. Appointment reminders can be used on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the patients’ treatment plan. Additionally, appointment reminders help you and your staff remember who is on the schedule with this week.

Provide Services Your Competitors Don’t

You can be more than just a physical therapy office. Offering services beyond just physical therapy can help set you apart from your competitors. Massage therapists, weekly yoga, acupuncture, etc. Are all unique extras that many other physical therapist offices don’t offer. This is also a great way for your clinicians to show off their other talents.

Staying Competitive

Maintaining a competitive advantage requires thinking outside of the box and highlighting your strengths. With these top tips, you and your clinicians can keep your competitive advantage and provide superior care!

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