Why EcoPro Pillow Covers are the Better Choice for Your Clinic

As COVID-19 continues to reshape our new world, you’re probably looking at your clinic and its accessories with new eyes. Items that once seemed perfectly acceptable may now be viewed as unsafe or germ carriers.

If you’re still using traditional cloth pillow covers, you may want to rethink the safety and effectiveness of these types of covers. Not only do they waste time due to laundering, but they also use an exorbitant amount of water and electricity each year per therapist.

Not sure if it’s worth the effort to make the switch from cloth to reusable EcoPro pillow covers? We’ve got three reasons to switch.

Reduce Laundry

reduce laundry with EcoPro Pillow covers

This reason alone should be enough to make you seriously consider switching. Who really enjoys spending their free time doing laundry? Aside from saving 5200 gallons of water per physical therapist each year and saving $1,000 per physical therapist per year, reusable pillow covers lessen contact.


Thanks to the reusable fabric technology, you can lessen contact for staff tasked with patient laundry. If each physical therapist is required to wash their own linens, you reduce the chance and opportunity for physical therapists to bring these linens home.

COVID19 known transmission happens through close contact and by eliminating the number of hands that have to touch a surface, you’re helping to prevent the spread. Additionally, you’re helping to keep your staff and patients safe by immediately sanitizing the EcoPro pillow cover immediately after each use.

Easy to Clean

EcoPro pillow cover

Unlike laundry, which has multiple steps and is an on-going task, EcoPro pillow covers are easy to clean and sanitize. How easy you ask? In about 5 minutes you can have a clean and sanitized pillow cover ready to use on your next patient.

Simply take your favorite sanitizer and wipe down the entire surface of the pillow cover. This include the corners and areas that you think the patient may or may not have touched. In total, sanitization should take about 5 minutes. Compare that to a regular wash cycle, which at minimum, is about 20 minutes, making the switch to EcoPro pillow covers is a no-brainer.

Reduce the Use of Natural Resources

ecopro pillow covers save water and natural resources

COVID-19 has made us hyper-aware of how precious and limited some of our resources are. EcoPro pillow covers help to reserve and reduce the use of natural resources by completely eliminating the need for traditional laundering practices.

Laundering traditional pillowcases can use over 700 KwH of electricity per therapist, per year. On top of that, laundering pillow covers uses about 5,200 gallons of water per therapist each year. If your clinic has 4 to 5 active therapists, you may be using enough water to fill an average-sized swimming pool.

When can you expect to start seeing savings on your electricity and water bill with EcoPro pillow covers? Immediately! Our pillow covers are that easy to use and clean.

So, what are you waiting for? You can request a sample fabric kit or start shopping now. We are currently offering volume discounts on all of our solids, two-tones, bolsters and mini EcoPro pillow covers. Head to our website to learn more about our discounts and shop all of our products.

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