A Pillow Cover and A Dream: The EcoPro Story

Our bags are packed, today the EcoPro team makes their way to Chicago for our 3rd annual PPS conference.

This conference is near and dear to our hearts because the PPS conference is where we got our Eco-start. 2 years ago, at PPS 2015 in Orlando, we introduced EcoPro Pillow Covers to the public.

The EPP Gang

The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we knew that we had found a game-changing solution to a common clinical problem. Laundry. Not only are clinic practitioners wasting hundreds of hours a year on doing laundry, all that washing produces some serious water waste and pollution.

As we make our way to Chicago for the year’s conference, we’d like to share a bit about our story.

Where It All Began

Before we jump in, let’s meet our cast of characters.

Who Is EcoPro Pillow Covers?

One thing you must know about the EcoPro team. We are all private practice physical therapists ourselves. We know the everyday struggles physical therapist and clinic owners face every day because we face them too.

How the Team Came Together

The four of us met in the Evidence in Motion Executive Program in Private Practice Management program (Class of 2013 might we add!). During the program, we were tasked to select and tackle a common problem we see in the physical therapy space as our Capstone to the program.

Being an eco-minded lot, we pushed ourselves to focus on one of the most wasteful physical therapy clinic practices, the constant laundering of cloth pillow covers. It took a couple prototypes, but after a couple bouts of trial and error, we brought our solution to life.

The EcoPro Pillow Cover.

Made in the USA from soft faux leather vinyl. The EcoPro pillow cover is designed to be wiped clean with a spray cleaner or disinfecting wipes. Simply slip over your standard physical therapy pillow and voila, no more laundry!

We submitted our EcoPro Pillow Cover as our Capstone project to the course and immediately discovered that this was a solution other physical therapy clinics would find valuable.

The EcoPro business was born.

Since then, we’ve helped dozens of clinics across the US eliminate most of their laundry needs, freeing up more time that they can spend focusing on growing their practice and caring for their patients.

Pic 5

Are you attending this year’s PPS conference in Chicago? Come visit us at Booth #810 and try out one of our EcoPro Pillow Covers for yourself. We’ll have special conference offers throughout the weekend, so don’t miss out!

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