How Our Partnership Helps Bring Clean Water to Millions of People

As you may have heard, EcoPro is a proud partner of is a non-profit that for over 25 years has worked to bring water and sanitation to the world. As part of our partnership, we donate a portion of every EcoPro Pillow Cover you order to this fantastic organization. You may be surprised to learn that these dollars go to so much more than simply buying bottled water for a few villages here and there. works with communicates to create systems that take away the barrier of water inaccessibility. Helping to lift whole communities out of poverty and attain a previously unreachable quality of life.

In its 25 years, has changed the lives of millions of people across the globe:

When you purchase an EcoPro Pillow Cover you are helping Water.Org:

Invest in Potential uses a portion of all funds donated to support these funds to finance small loans. These loans are used to cover the cost of building water connection systems (pumps, wells, aquifers). In many societies around the world, women are the primary water gatherers, foregoing work and education to travel miles from their home to locate and procure water. By working with, families, and communities can acquire the money they need to build their own water systems, freeing up time and allowing vital members of their community to go to work. The extra cash generated goes to paying off the loan and to enriching the daily lives of the community.

Invest in People

Investing in water means investing in health and sanitation. Every day, millions of people around the world are infected with sanitation-borne diseases (things like cholera or ringworm).  Many of these diseases stem from infected water sources or unsanitary waste disposals. Through the installation of sinks, faucets, and toilets, helps to lift the health and quality of life of families and communities.

Investing in Multiplying Your Impact

Every dollar donated through your EcoPro Pillow Cover purchase is equal to $24 that goes towards providing safe water and affordable sanitation solutions. How, you ask? uses the money we donate to help financial institutions in the local countries establish loan portfolios for water and sanitation projects. Those institutions use these portfolios to then attract commercial capital to help bring these projects to life.


It’s not every day you find a nonprofit that aligns perfectly with your own missions. At EcoPro, we’re committed to helping clinics worldwide reduce water waste. Thank you for helping us bring our vision to life while also supporting the great work being done by

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