Our Top Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy

Staff happiness should be your number 1 priority. Staff happiness is something that can be felt across the board from other staff members to other patients. Happiness impacts their ability to perform, the energy in your PT clinic, and staff turnover. If you’re struggling with staff morale or just want to inject a little happiness into your staff, check out these top tips.

1) Practice Work/LifeBalance

Did you know that 48% of Americans consider themselves workaholics. A positive work life balance is one that does not allow work to run your life. As a PT clinic owner, you might find this advice to be laughable. But a good leader leads by example. You cannot pour from an empty cup and you need to be at your best in order to treat patients. If you are tired, burned out or not all the way there, your patients and your staff are going to feel that effect. Practice a positive work/life balance by setting work and personal boundaries for your time. Encourage your staff members to do the same.

2) Do Random Acts of Kindness

It feels good to do good. Which is why random acts of kindness are so great. Grabbing coffee for the office, randomly catering lunch, or doing something kind for one or more of your staff members will feel great for you and your staff. Random acts of kindness make your staff feel seen and appreciated. And while they always are seen and appreciated, it sometimes can be difficult to feel appreciated, especially when overworked.

3) Use Alternative Compensation

Consider student loan compensation coverage or another alternative form of compensation that would benefit them and your working professional relationship. Student loans impact millions of working Americans and the relief of student loan compensation helps lift the weight of the debt. This weight lift will allow them to be more present, happy, and appreciative of your PT clinic.

4) Offer Leadership Development

Your staff is filled with leaders, some of them just need the opportunity to showcase their skills. Offering leadership development opportunities through courses or conventions shows your staff that you believe in their abilities. Whether their plan is to stay with your team for years or they have other plans, investing in your staff is the best way to increase their happiness.

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