Attract More Clients With These 4 Tips

Now that the world has opened up again, it’s time to open your PT clinic doors and start accepting new clients. Of course, gaining new PT clients isn’t always easy. If you’re struggling to attract more clients to your clinic, check out these 4 tips

1) Shift Focus to Reactivation

If you’re struggling to find new patients, why not look to your past patients. Past patients can act as a a wealth of resources for patient referrals. Additionally, past patients may be interested in new service or maintenance PT services that you might be offering. As you know, PT isn’t just for injuries. It can be helpful for people who sit or stand for long periods of time, people who are struggling with chronic pain or tightness, and can act as a way to strengthen the body.



2) Ask for Online Review Requests

Online reviews are essential for attracting new patients. They allow new patients to get an insight on your services and style. However, sometimes past patients need to be prompted to leave reviews. Reach out to patients and ask for them to leave a review on your Google Business page, Facebook or direct to website testimonial. Provide incentives for leaving reviews like raffle prize winnings or discount on new services.

4) Simplify Your Messaging

Social, website, and email campaigns are all platforms to convey your messaging. Don’t make things complicated or confusing, Your messaging, whether it’s via social, website, or email, should be clear, concise and simple. It should focus on why your clinic is the best choice, how your clinic can help them the best, and important information like hours and location.

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Brook Phillips