Our Top Food Picks Near the Boston Convention Center: A Guide for 2024 CSM Attendees

Are you attending the 2024 CSM conference in Boston this February 15th-17th? Get ready to indulge in some of Boston’s best dining experiences near the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. We’re highlighting our top picks for health-conscious attendees seeking delicious meals close to the conference venue.

1. Start Your Day at Farmacy Café

  • Location:  25 Drydock Avenue, Boston, MA 02210. A short 0.9-mile walk from the BCEC.
  • What to Try: Organic meals and superfood smoothies. Their customizable hot grain bowl is a nourishing way to kickstart your morning.

2. Lunch at GreCo

  • Location: 200 Pier 4 Boulevard, Boston, MA 02210. Just about 0.5 miles from the BCEC.
  • What to Try: Delight in their Greek-inspired cuisine. The gyros and salads, featuring organic meats, offer a perfect balance of flavor and nutrition.

3. Coffee Break at Boston Public Market at Seaport

  • Location: One Seaport, Boston, MA 02108. Conveniently located 0.6 miles from the BCEC.
  • What to Try: Pair your coffee with their fresh pastries for a delightful midday treat.

4. Casual Dinner at Time Out Market

  • Location: Landmark Center, 401 Park Drive, Boston, MA 02215. Approximately 1 mile from the BCEC.
  • What to Try: Explore the variety at Time Out Market, with MC Kitchen’s innovative dishes standing out for a relaxed evening meal.

5. An Elegant Dinner at Dig Inn

  • Location: 25 Thompson Place, Boston, MA 02210. A mere 0.4 miles from the BCEC.
  • What to Try:  Savor a seasonal bowl customized with fresh, local ingredients for a memorable dining experience.

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Brook Phillips