Introducing our NEW Mini and Bolster Pillow Covers

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You asked, we listened! Introducing our NEW mini pillow covers and our bolster pillow covers. Now through April 15th we’re offering BOTH at an incredible discount! Grab a mini for only $39.95 (originally $54.95) or a bolster cover for $59.95 (originally $79.95).

Why New Sizes?

Bolster and mini pillows help make it easier to give patients therapy when they need a degree of support. Bolsters and minis can help to contribute to a higher degree of comfort during treatment. Additionally, they help people in recovery achieve their goals comfortably.

Get Your Pillow Covers Today

Our EcoPro pillow covers not only help your patients but they help you save loads of time and money! Bid farewell to hours spent washing traditional cloth pillow covers. With our pillow covers simply spray the reusable pillow covers, wipe down the surface while you’re cleaning your treatment table, and get back to your patients faster.

Key Benefits of the EcoPro Pillow Covers


Did you know that washing cloth pillow cases wastes up to 5,200 gallons of water per therapist, annually.


It takes over 700 KwH of electricity per therapist, per year to launder cloth pillow cases


Your support staff can spend about 65 hours each year doing on therapist’s pillowcase laundry load.


It costs over $1,000 per therapist, per year to launder pillowcases.

Imagine what you could put back into your practice with all the time and money saved from using EcoPro pillow covers.

Shop Today

Get your NEW mini pillow cover or bolster pillow cover today! Shop now until April 15th to save on our new sizes and styles. Don’t forget to grab our approved cleaning accessories.

Save money with EcoPro Pillow Covers now

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