You already show your patients how they should be treating their bodies, now you can use your practice to show them how to treat the Earth. Your practice is the perfect place to set an example using eco-friendly practices. Here are some easy ways to go green in your office.

Buy Some Plants

Did you know that green spaces can improve and promote overall health? Plants can help reduce stress levels and improve the aesthetic and mood of your space. However, you don’t want a bunch of fragrant plants in your office as some people may have allergies. Look for air-purifying, non-blooming (aka hypoallergenic) plants like succulents, pothos, and areca palms.

Let the Light In

The natural light that is! If you have windows in your waiting room, turn down your electric lights! Sunlight is a natural mood enhancer which may result in higher pain thresholds and overall better experience.

Improved lighting doesn’t just help your patients, it can help your staff as well. Natural lighting can help improve staff mood and morale and reduce stress. Everyone wins!

Use LED Lighting

You may not have a ton of natural light coming in, however that doesn’t mean you should be using fluorescent light fixtures. LED bulbs last for a long period of time and are easier on the eyes. This will help both your patients and your staff.

Turn Things Off When You’re Out of Office

There’s no reason to have lights and computers running while you and your staff are at home. Turning off lights, computers, and even changing your thermostat a degree or two while you’re out of office can help to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Limit Single Use Items

You’ll need single use items like gloves or needles but you don’t need Keurig cups, foam cups, and takeout containers. It’s time you and your staff rethink unnecessary packaging and how you dispose of your waste. Consider stocking your break room with ground coffee, washable coffee mugs, and encourage your staff to bring in washable water bottles and carry out containers.

Rethink Your Textiles

Did you know that washing your pillowcovers wastes 5,200 gallons of water PER THERAPIST annually Additionally, it takes over 700KwH of electricity per therapist, per year to launder pillowcases. By eliminating paper pillow covers you can save 2 tree per therapist per year.

By switching to EcoPro pillow covers can help you eliminate the use of paper pillow covers, save water and save electricity. With a wide variety of colors and sizes, you’ll be able to find the perfect pillows to help your staff and your patients.

Encourage Environmental Advocacy Around the Practice

Getting your staff involved can help you achieve your environmental goals in and outside of your practice. Consider getting involved in your local community by hosting a trash cleanup, promote local foods or adopt a section of a highway. These actions will inspire others to get involved and to make small lifestyle changes too

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