Better Business Practices: 3 Tips for PT Business Owners

Owning your very own practice can be an exciting and incredible venture that has the potential to be rewarding beyond measure. Yet, even with all the positives, feeling overwhelmed as a business owner is a common feeling.

All hope is not lost! We’ve got our top 3 business practices that help get us through the tough times.

Build a Support Network

You can go faster alone but you go farther together. Building a support network can help keep you afloat during the tough times when all hope feels lost. Your support network can be friends, family, colleagues or peers. A support network doesn’t have to be made up of just physical therapists. However, they are most likely to understand your problems. Try creating a mix of industry support and outside support to keep you sane.

Let Go

You can’t control everything. Believe us, we’ve tried and lived to tell the tale. Make your new best friend delegation! Don’t be afraid to let go of control and delegate tasks that are too difficult or time consuming for you to do. For example, struggling to keep your social media presence up to date? Let it go! Hire someone who can handle that responsibility or offer the task for extra pay to an admin in your office who is social media savvy.

Get Out of the Clinic

And have fun! As a business owner you work so hard and one of the best parts of owning a business is being able to step away for a little bit. Whether you just take a day off or go on an extended vacation, give yourself that time to get away. A proper work/life balance is what keeps you from burning out. Additionally, proper work/life balance helps you stay at 100% so your staff and patients get the best of you!

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Brook Phillips