Quick Tips on How to Care for Your Eco Pro Pillow Covers

So you’re thinking about making the switch to Eco Pro pillow covers or maybe you just made the switch? Whichever step you’re at with your eco-friendly pillow cover journey, we want to help you care for your pillow covers. Why? Because EcoPro pillow covers are extremely easy to clean and designed, when cared for properly, to last. These quick tips will help you and your staff care for your EcoPro pillow covers and keep everyone safe, happy, and healthy.

1. Use a product that is actually intended for soft surfaces. Many hard surface cleaners are mistakenly used for soft surfaces like vinyl and eventually damage the material.

2. Avoid products that contain bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or citrus for cleaning vinyl. These ingredients are known to damage, stain, and dry out vinyl over time.

3. Okay to use products that contain alcohol on vinyl however it may dry out vinyl over time or with excessive application.

4. Follow the manufacturer’s application guidelines regarding “kill time” and disinfection. These guidelines vary significantly from product to product.

5. Disinfecting cleaners such as Protex work great on vinyl products since they are alcohol-free.

6. Can use wipes or spray bottle/cloth depending on choice/availability. Wipes although easier to use can be expensive and wasteful.

7. Hand sanitizer may be helpful to remove ink or other small marks.

8. May help to have patients wash/sanitize their hands and remove their shoes while on the treatment table to greatly reduce the potential of bacteria transferring from these surfaces to your table and pillows.

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Brook Phillips