6 Things You Can Do to Conserve Energy This Summer 2022

As the temperatures heat up, conservation of energy for both the earth and your local electrical grid system will be essential. If your physical therapy clinic is looking for fresh new ways to keep your energy levels low, check out these 6 things you can do to conserve energy this summer.

1) Car Share

Sharing rides to work is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse emissions. Not only is it great for the environment but for your organizational environment as well. Car sharing allows your staff to get to know each other. A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. For every gallon of gasoline burned about 8,887 grams of CO2 are created.

2) Switch Your Light Bulbs

Nearly 65% of US businesses use fluorescent lighting of some kind in their facility. However, LED lightbulbs are more energy efficient, easier on the eyes, and produce and emit less heat and energy. Only 10% of the energy used in a fluorescent lightbulb is used to emit actual light. LED lightbulbs have an extremely long lifespan which make them a great option for your physical therapy clinic. LED lights produce a high quality light and have very low maintenance costs and are generally hassle-free. If you’re still using fluorescent bulbs, it’s time to switch today!

3) Set Your Thermostat to an Appropriate Temp

Cranking up the AC puts a strain on the local grid system and increases your carbon footprint. Keep your AC at your physical therapy clinic at an appropriate temp to conserve energy. If you’d like to avoid having to think about the thermostat for most of the day, try switching to a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats can be adjusted remotely and have been proven to reduce energy. costs. You can also close your blinds or use ceiling or box fans to alleviate some of the heat in the warmer months.

4 ) Unplug Appliances Not in Use

Unplugging unnecessary appliances at the end of the day or when it won’t be in use for an extended period of time can greatly reduce your energy consumption. Not only can this conserve energy it can also prolong the life of your appliances. Appliances like televisions and computers, which are more susceptible to damage during power surges, can be unplugged after office hours and left unplugged until you return to your normal business hours. Appliances like refrigerators, while they typically consume the most energy, do need to remain plugged in.

5) Remember Your Why

Recycling, reusing, and car sharing are all well and good but remembering your “why” can help you stay motivated and focused on energy conservation this summer. Whether your physical therapy clinic has a personal mission to reduce their energy consumption or you just have a personal “why,” determining your reasons for conserving energy will help you and your staff stay motivated to continue your efforts.

6) Ditch Single Use Items

K-Cups, plastic cups, plastic utensils, etc. all create excessive amounts of excess energy from manufacturing, to consumption, to post-consumption. While we can’t deny we love a quick cup of coffee at the clinic most days, we try to incorporate eco-friendly options. Reusable items or biodegradable versions of single-use items improve your carbon foot print! Single use items that are made from plastics should only be used as a last resort. There are so many great alternatives out there that can easily be recycled or composted that you’ll never need another plastic K-Cup again!

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Brook Phillips