6 Reasons to Choose EcoPro Pillow Covers Over Cloth Pillowcases

When it comes to making your physical therapy clinic more eco-friendly (and profitable), there are a plethora of great reasons to make the switch from traditional paper or cloth pillowcases to reusable EcoPro pillow covers. From their overall convenience to their positive impact and their sleek, modern look, we have six key reasons to switch to Eco Pro.

Save Water

Did you know that laundering pillow covers uses around 5,200 gallons of water per therapist annually? A clinic of 4 of 5 active therapists can use enough water between them to fill an average sized swimming pool! Not only is all that water usage costly to our environment, but it also can carry a pretty penny when it comes to your clinic’s utility bill.

One other factor to keep in mind, depending on where your practice is located, you may be subject to water restrictions or face penalties for using more than your “fair share”.

EcoPro Pillow Covers practically eliminate the need to do laundry. Simply spray and wipe clean, the same way you clean your patient beds.

Save Electricity

On top of using all that water, laundering cloth pillowcases can suck up a lot of electricity. It takes over 700 KwH of electricity per therapist, per year, to wash cloth pillowcases. Whether you wash them at home or in-office, all those washes really rack up your electric bill. If your PT clinic is concerned about their utility bill can save money by switching to EcoPro.

Reallocate Time

Fun fact, you support staff will spend about 65 hours each year laundering pillowcases. That’s almost two weeks of paid time spent running a laundry machine. Instead of wasting time waiting for a cycle to end, empower your staff to get back to serving and healing patients.

Save Money

EcoPro Pillow Covers help your clinic save money. Period.

Paper pillow covers costs over $3,000 per therapist, per year. EcoPro Pillow Covers cost only a fraction of this amount.

And, while cloth pillowcases can be reused, the utility costs and hourly staffing costs for regularly laundering the cases can add up pretty quick.

This year take the money you’d spend on laundering and invest that money back into your practice, patients, and therapists.

Save Trees

You already know that EcoPro Pillow Covers are a green choice. But did you know that by eliminating paper pillow covers, you can save up to 2 trees per therapist, per year? It’s time to give back to Mother Nature and invest in something better for the Earth, your patients, and your therapists.

Tons of Color Combos

Add some color and personality to your clinic with our EcoPro Pillow Covers. Our covers come in a variety of colors including two-toned and solid color pillowcases. Try getting a pop up of color from your paper pillow cover.

With reusable pillow covers, you can add color dimension to your practice. Currently, EcoPro Pillow Cover comes in a variety of colors including:

  • Harbor Blue
  • Classic Black
  • Sage Green
  • Candy Apple
  • Stone Grey
  • Black/Grey
  • Blue/Grey
  • Black/Blue

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Brook Phillips