4 Tips for Marketing Your Physical Therapy Clinic on Facebook

As of December 2018, there are over 2.32 billion (with a B) active monthly users on Facebook. As the most popular social media platforms, if your clinic isn’t using Facebook to market your physical therapy clinic, you’re missing out on fantastic opportunity.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or dusting off your page, we’ve got 4 tips all about how best to use Facebook to market your clinic.

4 Facebook Marketing Best Practices Perfect For Your Physical Therapy Clinic

Best Practice #1: Be Consistent 

Consistency is a key to a successful physical therapy exercise regime and that same theme should carry over to your Facebook marketing strategy. Posting too much or too little is one of the biggest mistakes many practices make on Facebook. The general accepted rule in today’s social-savvy world is to post 2-3x a week. 

If your clinic can’t support a 2-3x a week posting schedule, then stick with a single post a week. While how often your posting is a key driver of Facebook success, the most important aspect is that you are consistently posting to your page week after week, year after year.

Best Practice #2: Have Conversations 

Another big mistake many PT offices make is practicing the “post and go” strategy. Successful social media strategy is all about engagement. Don’t be shy behind the screen! Get involved in your page’s conversations. Like, comment, and share thoughtful responses to the comments left by your Facebook fans. 

No comments? No problem! You don’t have to wait for a conversation to start in order to jump in. Ask an open-ended question on Facebook, host a Facebook Live session or take part in existing conversations. Set aside 20 to 30 minutes a day to be active online. Join in on all the fun and informative conversations happening in your space. 

Best Practice #3: Share 3rd Party Content 

While you’re full of rich PT knowledge, you probably don’t have the time to come up with enough new content to support posting multiple times a week. And that’s okay!

Supplement your posting calendar by sharing relevant 3rd party content. Not only is 3rd party content a fantastic way to add value to your Facebook page, but it can also help to spark engagement. Additionally, sharing 3rd party content can help drive new awareness of your page and establish your Facebook page as a source of value and authority. 

Best Practice #4: Include Calls-to-Action

While engagement and visibility is an important aspect of a successful Facebook page, true performance comes including calls-to-action in your post. Be sure to mix into your posting calls-to-action that encourage your followers to engage with your content, schedule a session, or contact your physical therapy clinic. 

Market Your Way to Success 

It’s never too late to start driving Facebook success. Use these 4 tips to help you craft a solid Facebook marketing strategy. One that increases your visibility, provides your audience value, and allows you and your followers to have some fun together online. 

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