5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Between Covid-fatigue and the promise of warmer weather, staying focused and motivated seems to be more difficult now than ever. With the clocks springing forward this weekend, you and your PT clinic staff may be feeling the itch to mentally check out. As a result, you may be noticing more mistakes, lower staff morale, and just having an all-around harder time than usual. If you’re struggling to keep you and your staff motivated we’ve got our favorite tips to staying focused, on track, and motivated!

Take a Break

Warm weather is calling and you know what? You should answer! Taking a break, even if you feel like you don’t deserve one, can help refresh and reset your brain to keep you motivated and focused. Whether it’s taking some PTO, clocking out a bit early, or taking a quick vacation, your brain, body, staff, and patients will thank you. You work better when you’re refreshed. Try it this weekend! Head to that restaurant you’ve been dying to try, go on that mini road trip, or just unplug and enjoy a lovely staycation.

Remember Your Why

One of the easiest ways to get off track is to lose focus of your “why.” Why you started PT, why you wanted your own clinic, and why you help people in pain. After the year we all had, we all had to sit down and really think about our “why” and reevaluate what makes us passionate about physical therapy. Take a few minutes today to sit down in a quiet space and remember your own “why.”

Make a Gratitude List

Going hand in hand with your “why,” a gratitude list can help you refocus and reframe your scattered brain. Creating a list of what you’re thankful reminds you that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Gratitude is the attitude for all of 2021 and beyond. Get your staff involved by creating a gratitude board for everyone to share one or a few things that they’re thankful for.


Sometimes a dose of your own medicine is exactly what the doctor ordered. You recommend patients to do exercise, why not do some yourself? Movement releases endorphins and helps to release stagnant energy. Run, walk, dance, do yoga or anything that gets your body moving and your blood going!

Give Back

Sometimes helping someone can help you even more. Choosing to help someone in your clinic or in your community can help you gain some perspective. Also, it feels good to make someone smile and give back. Some ways you can give back are by hosting a canned food drive, doing a trash sweep in your community, offering socially-distanced, outdoor yoga classes and anything that helps you connect with your community and clinic.

Spring Forward

Don’t forget this Sunday that clocks spring forward an hour. While we may lose an hour of sleep, we are excited to gain an extra hour of sunlight! Use this extra hour to kick off the spring season and get your mind back on track.

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