3 Tips for Growing Your Practice During Hard Times

Tough times don’t last but tough people do. While some brands seemed to take tough times (aka 2020) in stride, others struggled with the residual side effects of the pandemic. No matter how your physical therapy practice handled the pandemic, we all learned that no one is 100% immune from tough times. Here are the 3 things we did to help brace the storm and build a brighter future.

1) Get rid of excess

Tough times call for tough decisions. When times are hard it’s important to look at what is necessary and what is not. Consider looking at past investments, old subscriptions, and even services you’re no longer using or benefitting from. Getting rid of excess expenses now can help you save your practice for tomorrow.

2) Renegotiate Payment Options

The silver lining of everything going on right now? Things are a bit more flexible nowadays. Renegotiating payment options with patients or health insurance providers can help you save money in the long run. You may find that there are new payment options that benefit both you and your patients. Remember, if you never ask the answer is always no!

3) Plan Ahead

No one can really be sure how long hard times last. Making a plan today to keep you going through the year and beyond is your best bet to keeping your head above water and surviving tough times. When you’re making a plan consider both personal and professional goals that will help you stay on track and above water.

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Brook Phillips