5 Ways to Be Green in 2020

As the new decade begins, being green is on the forefront of everyone’s mind. If you’ve implemented recycling and reduced your plastic consumption, you’re already off to a great start. However, being green is an integral part of our core values. Which means we know a thing or two on how to live and work consciously.

These are our favorite tips for being green in 2020.

Use Reusable Materials

If you’ve been using cloth pillow cover to reduce your paper materials, that’s great! But did you know that laundering pillow cases uses 2500 gallons of water per physical therapist, annually. Additionally, it takes about 700KwH of electricity per physical therapist and 65 hours of laundering!

Switching to a reusable materials for your pillow covers saves time, money, and helps the planet. EcoPro pillow covers are made from a soft, antimicrobial vinyl that totally eliminates your need for paper or cloth pillow covers. Simply spray your pillow covers with disinfectant and wipe clean in between each patient.

Go Digital

Digital marketing is the greenest way to advertise your business. It can also be significantly cheaper than physical marketing materials. Social media is a FREE tool you can use to advertise your clinic, reach new patients, and stay in touch with past patients. Additionally, paid promotions on Facebook or Google are significantly cheaper and cost pennies on the dollar to reach hundreds or even thousands of people every day.

Encourage In-Office Recycling

You probably already have an in-office recycling system set up. However, it’s easy for you and your staff to forget to use it or use it improperly. Encourage your staff to recycle their glass or plasticware. Always, rinse and fully clean any plastic or glassware that has food or beverage residue on it.

But we have an even better idea than recycling…

Ditch Single Use Plastics

Single use plastics are so last decade. Today, there are a wide variety of reusable options for the break room. From washable mugs to utensils made from bamboo or sugar cane byproducts, stock your staff room with earth-friendly products. You can even make a fun game out of it to further encourage your staff to ditch their plastics! At the end of each month whoever used the least amount of single use plastics will win a prize! Prizes may include a fancy bento box lunch kit to extra flex-time or vacation days.

Reward Sustainability

A little competition never hurt anyone! Rewarding sustainability at your office with prizes, cash or extra flextime can help improve your clinic’s effort to be green! Set parameters and prizes for staff to aim for each month. Some examples of acts of sustainability that are worth rewarding are:

  • Commitment to reusable lunchware
  • Only used their reusable water bottle all month
  • Recycled properly and consistently

Living Green

Switching your office to a green office may not happen over night and it may take some time for staff to adjust to these new changes. Don’t let that discourage you from trying to create a greener work space. Shop all of our EcoPro products and pillow covers online and begin your green journey today!

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