5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Clinic Staff

Love is in the air and with Valentine’s Day just a few days away now is the perfect time to show your physical therapy clinic staff just how much they mean to you. You don’t have to spend a ton of cash to show them you care. Small thoughtful gifts like coffee, special lunches, or even a new plant can show you care. This Valentine’s Day give your staff something they’ll treasure with these 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1) Gift Card to a Local Coffee Shop

Coffee is love. Coffee is life! Your local coffee shop is sometimes the only thing that’s keeping you and your staff running on those busy days. They treat you like friends and always make you feel like family. Support local this Valentine’s Day and show both your coffee shop and staff some love by picking up some gift cards to your favorite shop. A gift card amount of $5-$10 is more than plenty to show you care. Want to be a little extra? Add a bag of the roasted ground or whole beans with the card as well.

2) Tickets to a Popular Local Attraction

Art museums, history museums, local pop-ups, or any other unique local attraction in your area is an excellent idea for Valentine’s Day. Offer to go together one weekend as a team or give them a fun excuse to do something new and exciting on their weekends off.  Ballets, plays, and musicals are a bit more expensive than other local attraction options but sometimes it’s worth spending the extra cash to give someone a special memory.

3) A Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key in life! A reusable water bottle not only shows your staff some love but it shows the Earth love as well. Reducing your plastic consumption is easy when you properly prepare and arm yourself with the right tools. Depending on how large your staff is, you can even get a special custom-made water bottle to commemorate the year or show off your clinic’s logo.

4) Catered Lunch

Who doesn’t love a good meal? Catering lunch for your staff for Valentine’s Day is always a good idea. But since it’s a special day you don’t have to commit to just doing cold cuts. Your favorite local spot likely has catering deals that you and your staff will love. Want to make it extra special? Go out for lunch! Choose a nice restaurant and treat your staff to something extra special. You know they deserve it!

5) A Succulent Plant

Did you know that having a plant around can improve your mood and reduce stress by up to 15%? Plants are the gift that keeps on giving! From improving mood to reducing toxins in the air, plants like succulents can have incredible health benefits beyond just looking pretty. Your local nursery or hardware store likely has great deals on indoor plants that your clinic staff will love!

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Candace Gasper