4 ideas for Going Green in 2022

Did you know that 74% of employees feel that their job is more fulfilling when they can make a positive social impact? Going green at your office does more than just help the environment, it gives your employees a sense of purpose bigger than themselves. In fact, 51% of employees say that they won’t even work for a business that doesn’t have strong social and environmental commitments. In 2022, boost employee morale, do your part to make the Earth a cleaner place to live, and improve employee turnover by committing to these 4 ideas for going green.

1) Recycling Program

Recycling is simple, easy to do, and is something everyone is familiar with. Create and set recycling goals and reward staff for setting and reaching those goals. Make sure that you make recycling easy and effortless. Use signage and create lists of items that can be recycled in your office and in your area.

2) Go Digital

If you haven’t already this is your sign! Ditch the paper and go digital with your paperwork. Digital is a great way to keep patient information properly organized, makes it easy for new patient in-take forms, and is great for the earth. There are lots of HIPPA-friendly digital paperwork services that make switching from paper to digital easy.

3) Get some indoor friendly plants

Plants inside can have an immensely positive impact on your mental health. Many employees report an improvement in morale and overall mood when plants or images of nature scenes are incorporated at work. Certain indoor plants can even help filter the air which can be even lower quality than outdoor air. Don’t stress if you don’t have a green thumb. Many plants like pothos, succulents, and air plants are great for those who couldn’t keep a cactus alive.

4) Encourage Green Commuting

Whether that’s telecommuting, encouraging ride-shares, or utilizing public transport, encourage and reward staff for reducing their travel carbon footprint. Green commuting allows your staff to get to know the city, get to know one another through rideshares, or get a little bit of exercise on the way to work if applicable. It can be a real fun, bonding experience.

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Candace Gasper