4 Ways to Get Your Workout on in DC During the 2019 APTA CSM Conference

The 2019 APTA CSM Conference starts today! We’re excited to see everyone in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. We love being able to mingle and mix with our colleagues while sharing our passion for physical therapy. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite workout spots in DC (hey, you know what they say about all work and no play). Whether you’re a trail runner or like to break a sweat chasing the latest fitness craze, we’ve got something for everyone on this list.

DC Weather Check

Right now it’s looking like rain and chilly temps can be expected for most of the conference, but don’t let that weather spoil your workout! We’ve included a mix of indoor and outdoor workout spots below so that you can get your sweat on rain or shine.

For Those That Like To Go The Distance

C&O Canal

Cost: Free

Known for its scenic cycling, this 184.5-mile long trail starts in Washington DC and ends in Cumberland, MD. This epic path can be accessed from Georgetown. You’ll notice mile markers all along your run or biking trip so you can make your workout as long or as short as needed. If you’d like to rent a bike, you can find a number of different shops that rent to visitors here.

For Those Looking For a Bit of Tourism and Monument Sighting

The Mall

Cost: Free

If you’re the type of person who likes to multi-task, then this workout is for you! The National Mall is America’s most visited national park. Its purpose is to honor American forefathers and heroes who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. But history aside, the National Mall trail will take you through a 4-mile loop. You’ll pass the Lincoln Memorial, past the WW2 memorial, the Washington Monument, Smithsonian museums, the Capital and back.

For the Spin Doctors



Cost: $25.00 (1 class. Valid for 30 days)

In need of a full body workout? Classes are run by a certified master instructor but don’t let that scare you off. Each class welcomes novice and experienced class members. If you love to listen to awesome music while getting in the zone, Zengo is your place. There are various locations throughout the city, along with varying class times to match your schedule. Don’t forget to reserve your bike ahead, as reservations are required.

Furr the Stretchers

Crumbs and Whiskers Cat Yoga

Cost: $9 – $22

Ready for something totally out of the ordinary? Crumbs and Whisker Cat Yoga is the district’s one and only cat cafe. Offering one-hour yoga sessions led by a certified instructor and cat snuggles, you’ll be tempted to leave here with a new friend. Your contribution of $9 dollars for a walk-in cuddle experience or a $22 contribution for a full session (yoga + cuddles) helps provide care for rescue cats. You’ll want to book your experience ahead of time, as reservations are required.

Don’t forget to stop by booth #425 January 23rd through the 26th during the conference. We’ll be offering live product demonstrations, answering questions from physical therapists and clinic owners, and offering special show-saving prices. See you there!

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Brook Phillips