4 Leadership Traits to Avoid to Run a Successful PT Clinic

It’s so easy to find articles, books, and speakers talking about the qualities that make a good or even great leader, but what about the qualities that more for a bad one? Leadership is by no means an easy feat. And at times, it can be easy to lose track of the ideals and values that made you a great leader in the first place. After all, no one can be exceptional 100% of the time; we all have our off days.

If you’ve been feeling off or looking to recalibrate your leadership style, make sure you’re avoiding these 4 traits.

Lack of Communication

Your staff cannot read your mind. Although that would be nice wouldn’t it? Keeping lines of communication open and honest can help you and staff members avoid misunderstandings and keep the clinic running smoothly.

Lack of Action

A leader leads through attraction by action not by simply telling. While delegation is important it’s your actions that are going to inspire your staff to listen. Lack of action shows your staff that it’s okay to rest on their laurels. While we aren’t saying rest is a bad thing, in fact, rest can be a part of the action plan; however, lack of action can cause stagnation. If you and your staff are struggling to act, it’s time to rethink your purpose and your “why.” This will help your team get back on track.

Poor Integrity

Your staff is always watching what you’re doing. If you have poor integrity or lack of discipline, no matter how hard you try to hide it, it will eventually show through. Where you show falter your staff will see that as an opportunity to also falter. Leading with honesty and high integrity is of the utmost importance.

Poor or Lack of Vision

If you don’t know where your clinic is going how can you expect your staff to follow? Your lack of vision could be preventing your staff from wanting to follow you. Vision helps you and your staff see what the next steps are and how to get there. Go back to your “why” and start from there. Your “why” is what helps guide you and your staff team to continue your original vision and achieve the goals you originally set out to achieve.


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Brook Phillips