3 Ways EcoPro Gives Back

When we started EcoPro we knew that we wanted philanthropy and eco-conscious living to be at our core. With this in mind, we knew that we wanted to ensure that we were prioritizing giving back to the local and global community at every chance we could.

If you’re unfamiliar with our philanthropy missions, let us introduce you to the ways we’ve committed EcoPro to giving back.

Water.Org Donations

Water.org is a global nonprofit organization that works to make clean water accessible for everyone. Their mission is to help people get access to safe, clean, and sanitized water through affordable financing. Additionally, they empower individuals and communities with this life-changing resource. Thus giving families and communities a brighter future.

When we found out that nearly 1 in 9 people lack access to clean water, we knew we had to do something. For millions of individuals all over the world, something as simple as running water or an in-home toilet is considered a luxury. Simple luxuries like these can unlock economic opportunity and improve the health of a community and individual families.

With each purchase you make, whether it’s a pillow cover, bolster or cleaning kit, 1% of every total purchase is donated to water.org. We’ve been able to help water.org move their mission forward and we’re proud to help bring safe, clean water access to people all over the world.

Promote Sustainable Living

The idea of sustainable living can sound a bit daunting. Change doesn’t necessarily happen overnight but with our pillow covers, it happens that much easier. Did you know that paper pillow covers cost over $3,000 per physical therapist per year? But it wasn’t just the money that disturbed us.

By eliminating paper pillow covers you can save the equivalent of 2 trees per year, per therapist. Depending on the size of your clinic, this can be the equivalent of your clinic, this can be the equivalent of 10-20 trees total per year.

But that wasn’t even the most disturbing part. Laundering pillowcases wastes 5,200 gallons of water per physical therapist, annually. Even if your clinic consists only of 2 PTs, that’s over 10,000 gallons of water per year. And, as you know, water is quite the luxury.

Finally, it takes over 700KwH of electricity per physical therapist, per year to launder pillow cases. With extreme weather in the cool and warm months, this number is only compounded by heat and air conditioning.

Developed a Long-Term Solution Product

The most important way we could ever give back is to provide a solution that helps physical therapists all over leave the world a little bit better. By creating a reusable pillow cover, we’ve help to completely eliminate the need to use water or electricity when cleaning after each use.

Sometimes giving back doesn’t always look familiar. However, with EcoPro pillow covers, we’ve helped physical therapists just like you save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, thousands of trees, and have been able to donate thousands of dollars to water.org.

How Can You Give Back?

The next time you’re wondering how you can give back, remember it’s not always as complicated as your mind may make it seem. Sometimes it’s as simple as making a small donation to your favorite organization. Or sometimes it’s purchasing a product like our pillow covers.

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