11 Frequently Asked EcoPro Pillow Cover Customer Questions

Even the greatest website (ahem) or product description (ahem, ahem), can leave a potential customer wanting more. So, we’ve compiled the following list of the frequently asked questions (FAQS if you will) we hear most from our customers.

Top 11 EcoPro Pillow Cover Questions

Do You Offer Quantity Discounts on Your EcoPro Pillow Covers?

We sure do! Our discounts are based on the number of pillow covers ordered.

Buy more pillow covers and save:

  • 4-13 Pillow Covers: Save 10%
  • 14-20 Pillow Covers: Save 15%
  • 21-33 Pillow Covers: Save 20%
  • 34+ Pillow Covers: Save 25% and receive our eternal respect and gratitude


What Professions Would Benefit Most from Using This Pillow Cover?

We’ve designed the EcoPro Pillow Cover to replace traditional cloth and paper pillow cases. As such, physical therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors, dentists, acupuncturists and athletic trainers could all benefit.

Can I Try a Free Sample?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer product samples. However, if you’d like, we can send you a fabric swatch so that you can see the quality and comfort of our pillow covers first hand.

What are the Pillow Covers Made Of, And How Long Do They Last?

Each EcoPro pillow cover is made in the USA from PVC free, anti-microbial soft faux leather vinyl. We only use the highest quality materials in our EcoPro Pillow Covers. We expect each pillow cover to last 3- 5 years minimum.

Is a Pillow Included with the Pillow Covers?

We do not include pillows with our pillow covers. Clinics can freely choose the type and density of pillow they prefer.

What Type of Closure Does the Pillow Cover Have?

Each pillow cover utilizes a secure zipper closure.


What Size Is the Pillow Cover and What Colors Do They Come In?

The pillow covers are 27”x 18” and designed to accommodate a standard size pillow. They are currently available in classic black, sage green, stone grey and harbor blue.

What’s the Deal With the Loop On The Pillow Cover?

We included the hanging loop, located at the zippered end of the pillow cover, as a feature benefit to allow pillows to be conveniently hung by the bed when not in use by a patient. The loop can easily be tucked inside the pillow cover when not needed.

What is the Proper Way to Clean the Pillow Cover and What Cleaning Product is Recommended?

Pillow covers are easily cleaned by either wiping it down with disinfecting cloths or by spraying with a liquid cleaning solution and then wiping it off. Most medical grade, disinfectant cleaning products are appropriate for cleaning the pillow covers. The only cleaning product we do NOT recommend is Citrus II, a germicidal cleaner that is made for use on hard surfaces, not vinyl or soft plastics.

How Many Pillow Covers Should I Buy?

One million!


Just kidding.

We recommend a minimum of 2 pillow covers per table to allow for simultaneous head and lower extremity support.  Additional pillow covers are recommended for additional head support or post-operative care.

What if I make a mistake and purchase the wrong color?

No sweat, everyone makes mistakes! You may return the product in the original condition to exchange for another color within 30 days of purchase.  Additional shipping charges will apply.

Have more questions?



Reach out to us at info@ecoproproductsllc.com, and we’ll be glad to provide some answers.

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