‘Tis The Season to Say Thank You to Our Amazing Customers

It’s Turkey Time here in the US. A hallowed part of the year where Americans ingest insane amounts of carbs, sugars, and turkeys while taking pause to share their gratitude in celebration with family and friends. This year the EcoPro team has plenty to be thankful for, and its all because of our amazing customers, clients, and clinic partners. This post is our heartfelt thank you letter to you.

Thank You for Your Support

EcoPro started with a dream. That dream, to solve a common problem plaguing physical therapy (and other medical) clinics nationwide. Laundry. Endless piles of time-consuming, labor-intensive laundry. We realized early on that most of the laundry being done by clinics was due to the cloth pillow pillowcases clinics were using to cover their pillows. Since NOT washing the pillow cases wasn’t an option (eww), we invented a comfortable, reusable pillow cover that clinics could spray wash clean. No more hours of endless laundry.

That dream has been realized, and we’re proud to say that, thanks to you, we have sold over 5,800 pillow covers since opening our doors!

Thank you.

Thank You for Spreading Our Mission

A heartfelt thank you to our advocates and evangelists for sharing our pillow covers with their colleagues. Thanks, in a large part to your efforts, our pillow covers can be found in PT clinics in 49 states. Even more impressive, we’ve gone internationally! Our pillow covers can be found in 3 countries with more opportunities for global domination presenting itself every day.

Thank you.

 Thank You for Assisting Us in Our Green Mission

Collectively, we have helped to save over 15, 295,800 gallons of water worldwide. That’s over 15 MILLION gallons of water that you’ve helped to save! Every pillow cover sold helps PT clinics save 2,600 gallons of water a year.

Thank you for helping us meet our mission to make the world a greener place for us all.

We’re just getting started. Together, we can work towards saving clinics more water, more time, and more money.

Thank you again for your continued EcoPro support and enjoy your Thanksgiving celebration!


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Brook Phillips