The 3 Top Reasons to Switch To EcoPro Pillow Covers

When we talk to physical therapy clinic owners about trading in their worn cloth or paper pillow cases for our comfortable, durable EcoPro Pillow Covers, we’re usually met with the age-old question, “What’s in it for me?”

What's In It For Me

PT Clinics want to know what they’re getting in exchange for moving to a new pillow cover system. After all, change is never easy. Their staff is already comfortable with their current pillow cases, as are their patients. So why make the change? Here are the three top reasons we give them for making the switch to EcoPro Pillow Covers.

Reason #1: EcoPro Pillow Covers Are Better For The Environment

Relying on cloth pillow cases means committing your clinic to a lifetime of laundry. In a clinic, with two full-time PT’s, approximately 260 loads of laundry are done each year. This laundry volume wastes over 10,000 gallons of water per year. Enough to fill a residential swimming pool! And that’s just two full-time PTs. Larger clinics have more beds, more beds, more pillows and more laundry.


By making the switch to Eco Pro Pillow Covers, you can significantly cut back on the amount of laundry and water your clinic uses. In fact, each EcoPro Pillow Cover saves 2,600 gallons of water per year!

On top of the water savings, the average washer and dryer waste 5,500 watts of electricity per load; equivalent to the energy consumption of a 3-person household for an entire year. Bottom line, if you EcoPro Pillow Covers help your PT Clinic go green with ease.

Reason #2: EcoPro Pillow Covers Saves Staff Time

Between switching out pillow covers between patients, running load after load of laundry, and folding/storing laundry for use after it’s washed, your clinic staff is spending hours of time every week on laundry. 130 hours each year in fact depending on how many tables your clinic supports! They can spend even more time if they take the laundry to a facility or to their homes to clean. Imagine assigning a staff member to do nothing but laundry for a full month!


Remember, EcoPro Pillow Covers don’t require any laundering. Simply spray the covers with a disinfectant (the same you use for your treatment table) then wipe clean. Do in minutes what used to take hours and free up that time for your staff to see to other business needs.

Reason #3: EcoPro Pillow Covers Saves Your Clinic Money

Some quick math for you. The average clinic spends over $1,000 a year on cloth pillow cases (2 pillows per table). Clinics that use paper pillow cases spend over $3,000 year per treatment table. Do you know how much your clinic is spending on pillow cases? Feel free to use our interactive calculator to find out. Go on, we’ll wait.

In contrast, EcoPro Pillow Covers cost only $160 a year per treatment table and lasts up to 3 years! That can mean significant savings for clinics that choose to make the switch to EcoPro.

EcoPro Pillow Covers can help your clinic save time and money, while also having a positive impact on the environment. See for yourself and make the switch to EcoPro today!

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Brook Phillips