Savoring Long Beach: Top Dining Spots for CPTA Attendees

As Long Beach welcomes the attendees of the CPTA Annual Conference on October 7th-8th, it wouldn’t be a PT conference without some delicious local fare. Located near the Convention Center, several spots are total stand outs for their culinary excellence. For an unforgettable CPTA experience, check out these hot food spots.

Recreational Coffee

Begin your day at Recreational Coffee, known for its meticulous brewing techniques and quality beans. This coffee shop is a testament to Long Beach’s vibrant coffee culture, providing a serene atmosphere to prepare for a long day of networking and insightful sessions.

 The Breakfast Bar

The Breakfast Bar is a trusted choice among locals and visitors for its innovative and hearty breakfast offerings. With a commitment to quality ingredients and a cozy ambiance, it sets the stage for a day of learning and engagement.

 Pier 76 Fish Grill

For a quality seafood lunch, Pier 76 Fish Grill is a reliable choice. With a focus on fresh, flavorful, and sustainably sourced dishes, it offers a tranquil setting for a mid-day respite, allowing you to recharge for the afternoon ahead.

George’s Greek Cafe

George’s Greek Cafe, a pillar in the Long Beach dining scene, offers an authentic and quality Mediterranean dining experience. With a longstanding reputation for hospitality and culinary authenticity, it’s an ideal spot to unwind after a day at the conference.

555 East American Steakhouse

For a premium dining experience, 555 East American Steakhouse is a renowned establishment, celebrated for its prime cuts, extensive wine list, and exemplary service. It’s a place where culinary craftsmanship and attention to detail are at the forefront, ensuring a memorable evening.

Eat Your Way Through Long Beach at the CPTA Conference October 7th-8th.

In a city teeming with culinary options, these establishments stand out for their consistent quality and commendable service. Whether it’s a quick coffee or a lavish dinner, these expert picks guarantee a superior dining experience during your stay in Long Beach.

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