How to Stay Connected with Patients Before, During, and After Their Treatment.

Staying connected with your patients is one of the best ways to ensure that they will follow and complete their treatment plan. Keeping in touch with patients helps avoid any miscommunication or errors that may occur as time lapses. Additionally, staying in touch with patients who may be complete with their treatment is still highly recommended.


First, past patients are great resources for testimonials. 92% of people will read an online review before buying a product or service. Not only do 92% read a review but 70% of people will trust a review from a stranger. Second, patients may need additional treatment beyond what their treatment plan offered. Leaving the line of communication open lets them know that your door is always open and ready for them to come back if and when they may need to come back.

Whether your communication style has been erratic or you are consistent with at least one line of communication, this post on how to stay connected with patients before, during, and after their treatment is for every physical therapist!

1) Emails

Emails are a popular form of communication as many people are active email users. Email, though still more informal than a letter or phone call, is one of the more formal methods of contact. It’s one that patients of most ages are familiar with. Nearly everyone has an email address. This makes email one of the most reliable ways to stay connected with patients.

Emails can be used to send out appointment reminders, updates about hours or share information on valuable information and education. Whether you want to start a monthly newsletter or just want to keep it strictly about appointments, setting up an email schedule is essential for quality communication.

2) Text

Short of picking up the phone and calling them, texting is one of the most personal ways to stay in contact. Text app services can help you stay connected with the 97% of people who use text messaging on a regular basis. On average, it takes about 90 seconds to respond to a text. A text service can be used to remind patients of upcoming appts, notify about deals or current specials, and offering an additional and more familiar line of communication than email or phone.

Don’t worry. We know you’re busy. Which is why we recommend a text app service that allows you to schedule texts so you can focus on providing excellent PT services.

3) Social Media

Social media, like texting, is a comfortable and familiar form of communication for all ages. Social media is a great line of communication to share general updates on hours, location, and services. Social media can also be used to share knowledge on safe stretches and exercises followers and fans can do at home. Apps like FB offer scheduled messages which allow you to respond to messages after operating hours.

Since social media can feel so personal and familiar, it’s important to remind you to keep your communication, whether through direct message or in comments, professional. Keep courteous, kind, and respectful even in the face of the opposite.

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