How to Market Your PT Clinic to Gen Z

Gen Z makes up to 40% of the market today. And while we’d like to believe that they’ll be children forever, the reality is that

1) They won’t


2) Even children need PT services

With their never-ending access to online content, Gen Z is some of the most informed patients to date. Now that you have this in mind, is your PT clinic prepared to meet Gen Z? Here are some tips on how to market to Gen Z

1) Be Authentic

Gen Z grew up in a world where the Internet and digital marketing were always a thing. This means they have a super radar on how to spot inauthentic marketing. They appreciate authentic marketing, transparent information, and entertaining marketing. Skip the in-your-face, overt marketing, and opt for something more non-traditional like a fun TikTok that incorporates both dancing, popular sounds, and vital info. It might feel corny at first and it is a bit but it’s also fun!

2) Offer Attractive Services

Gen Z is no stranger to stress-induced injuries caused by the extensive use of technology. In fact, they are one of the most health-conscious generations to date. Nearly 3/4 of people ages 18-23 are concerned that physical ailments and ill health will impede their ability to live a full life. Offering attractive services that highlight treatment to combat injuries like tech neck, hip pain from long periods of sitting at a computer, etc. can be appealing to them.

3) Get Social

While they may not use social media in the same way Millennials and Gen X’ers do, they still like to stay connected and have fun online with their friends. And sometimes, their friends include brands and businesses. Look to see what digital trends are popular among Gen Z and go from there. Another great place to start is simply sharing exercises, tips, information, and useful content that they can share and engage with on and offline with their friends.

4) Enhance the Patient Experience

We aren’t sure what it is but both Millenials and Gen Z hate talking on the phone. Why? Maybe because it’s time-consuming and is often ripe with miscommunication. Setting up a text service can encourage younger patients to not only come in but stay on track with their treatment plan. Additional enhanced patient experiences can include:

  • Offering flavored sparkling waters
  • Letting them pick the music while in treatment
  • Offer easy to work around hours
  • Offer services that are popular in other cities

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Brook Phillips