Gift Ideas $100 or Less For Your Staff Members this Holiday Season (2022)

‘Tis the season for giving gifts! This year, Americans are expected to buy at least 9 gifts for friends, family, and coworkers. Whether you already have your shopping done or you still have a few people to shop for, you’ll want to check this list before you round out your holiday shopping.

Smart Garden

smart garden. a white indoor herb garden

Do you have a staff member with a green thumb? Or maybe one of your clinicians loves hosting dinner parties. An indoor smart garden offers garden fresh herbs all year round. This innovative indoor garden cares for itself and grows fresh, flavorful herbs, fruits and vegetables right on your kitchen counter. Featuring biodegradable plant pods, this Keurig-like machine is like a coffee pot but for plants. Simply place the pods in the machine and watch life grow right in front of your eyes!


Smart Gloves

dark brown leather smart gloves

There are so many terrible aspects to winter. From the cold, to the rain, to the sun setting at such an early time, it’s no wonder we feel blue all season long. But the worst part? Having to remove your gloves to make a call or send a text. Smart gloves offer smart-touch technology which allows you to use your smart screen devices without ever having to remove your gloves. We love that!


Personal Blender

personal blender

Eating healthy is almost always at the top of everyone’s New Year’s list. Choosing healthier lifestyle options is a journey and as personal blender helps make that journey easier. Help your health-conscious staff members achieve their goals by gifting them a personal blender. Perfect for use at home or in-office, you can make smoothies, juices, and salad dressings with one simple device.

Instant Camera

tiffany blue instant camera

Our phones have nearly replaced our need for personal cameras. Remember when digital cameras were all the rage? Well, our desire to have physical photos still exists. Which is why an instant camera is awesome. Forget the filters, FaceTune, and Lightroom edits and embrace the moment! This is a great office stocking stuffer gift for your staff members and clinicians.


Weighted Blanket

white woman sleeping peacefully with a grey weighted blanket on her

As if getting out of bed in the winter could be any harder, let us introduce the weighted blanket. Featuring weights as little as ten pounds all the way up too thirty, this hefty blanket has been known to improve sleep, boost moods, and decrease feelings of anxiety and stress. With 6 different colors, there’s a blanket weight and color for everyone in your clinic.

Air Purifier 

silver cylindrical air purifier

We’ve spent a lot of time indoors over the last two to three years. And if there’s one thing we’ve noticed, it’s our indoor air quality. Did you know things like pet hair, dander, and dust can all negatively contribute to your home or office’s indoor air quality. This user-friendly air purifier is small enough for the office or home and powerful enough to refresh air up to fives times per hour. Do you smell that? That’s clean, healthy indoor air!

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