Create Your Own Employee Wellness Checklist for Your PT Clinic Staff

Over the last 2 years, the topic of wellness has been at the top of everyone’s mind. As we explored the topic of wellness we realized that it was more of a holistic conversation than simply just about germs and bacteria in relation to our physical wellness. Creating a wellness checklist for your PT clinic staff can help you understand where your staff is physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Armed with this information, you can make better decisions as a leader, guide them better, and understand them deeper. Whether you’re just starting your wellness journey, or you’re well on your way, use these wellness checkpoints to create a helpful checklist for you and your staff.

1) Social Wellness

The first checkpoint of a holistic wellness approach is social wellness. Social wellness refers to how well your staff members are socializing. Are your employees engaging in healthy and positive ways with each other in and outside of work? Do some staff members seem reserved or closed off and left out? Assessing your staff’s social wellness can help you better understand who they are, what they’re about, and if they maybe need a little extra support. Keep in mind that just because you’re outgoing or you’re reserved doesn’t mean that your staff has to match your energy. Social wellness should encourage staff to be who they are without fear of judgment.

2) Mental Wellness

Next on the wellness checklist is mental wellness. Mental wellness refers to the mental state your staff is currently or often in. Are your employees happy and positive? What can you do to ensure strong mental health while at work? Poor mental wellness can have a major impact on staff morale, patients, and the overall success of your physical therapy clinic. While you should understand everyone has good days and bad days, the purpose of mental wellness is to identify the bad days and foster the good ones.

3) Financial Wellness

Money may seem taboo to talk about but equipping your staff with financial education and wellness can have positive impacts on their social and mental wellness. Financial woes can bring in tons of negativity that would otherwise not exist. Many people never experienced any type of financial education so it is not uncommon for many to be financially illiterate. In fact, you may experience some financial illnesses now and again. Positive financial wellness benefits everyone!

4) Physical Wellness

The wellness we are all probably most familiar with is physical wellness. Physical wellness can be act as a marker for how well a staff member is doing with the other 3 wellness approaches. Physical health impacts so many facets of our lives, as you probably already know. So how do you know if your staff is experiencing positive physical wellness? Are your employees engaging in activity that gets them moving and is something they enjoy? Do they have a sport or activity that gets them moving and engages both their mind and body simultaneously? You can help support their physical wellness by initiating staff group walks, workouts, and other physically active events that are fun for everyone.

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Candace Gasper