Bringing Back the Good Vibes: 4 Ways to Bring the Mood Back Up At Your PT Clinic

Healthcare spaces are traditionally noted by their eye-straining fluorescent lighting, white walls, and drab furniture. But with recovery as the focus of your physical therapy clinic, choosing an appropriate environment that promotes and inspires health should be taken into consideration.

Today, let’s look at 4 ways you can create a physical therapy clinic that helps evoke a positive mindset to a full recovery for patients of all treatment levels.


Lighting is an important part of creating a space that feels open, inviting, and positive. Depending on the age of your clinic’s space, your lighting may be a bit dated. What do we mean by that? Overhead lighting used to be mainly made up of fluorescent lights. This type of lighting is harsh on the eyes and isn’t very inviting.

The solution?

Switch out your bulbs for people and earth-friendly lighting. LED bulbs offer a more natural light that doesn’t offend the senses. If possible, try to use natural lighting as much as possible. Floor lamps also offer an opportunity to have inviting lighting if you’re unable to switch out dated fluorescent lights.


Have you ever heard a song that just made you want to dance? Same. Music has such a powerful stronghold over our emotions and it can really positively improve the environment. Sad music can make us feel blue or nostalgic and happy, upbeat music makes us feel good!

While stations like NPR or classical music can be interesting and therapeutic in their own right, there’s something about upbeat music that makes the world go round.

If you’re serious about making your physical therapy clinic a positive environment, then you gotta play the positive tunes. Ask your staff and patients to submit their favorite feel-good tune. You can create a happy playlist on Spotify or your favorite music streaming service.

Encourage Laughter

Our smiles may be hidden behind a mask but we can still hear the sweet sound of laughter. The fastest way to bring the good vibes is to encourage laughter in your physical therapy clinic. Play a funny podcast or ask your patients or staff to share a funny story.


Did you know that we share a deep instinctual bond with nature? The idea of Biophilic design in a physical therapy clinic isn’t a new idea. In fact, Biophilic design has become increasingly popular across different industries, most notably in startup and tech-company cultures. However, incorporating more plants, earth tones, and nature into your physical therapy clinic can help bring the good vibes!

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Brook Phillips