Announcement: EcoPro Will be Attending the 2020 APTA Combined Sections Meeting Conference in Denver, Colorado

We’re hitting the road! Next week we’ll be hanging out with over 13,000 of our favorite physical therapists at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting in scenic Denver, Colorado.

With over 350 specialty-specific sessions, 50+ pre-conference programs and over 1,000 poster presentations, we’re ready to soak up all that new knowledge!

Come say hi to us at booth #630! We’ll have our EcoPro Pillow Covers for you to check out in person!

2020 APTA CSM Annual Conference Breakdown

Program Sessions and Continuing Education

Attendees of the APTA CSM 2020 conference will be able to earn up to 18 contact hours through the various conference sessions. They’ll also have a great opportunity to network and hang out with some of the best and brightest in the industry.

Where to Stay

The APTA CSM is being held in beautiful and scenic Denver, Colorado. Hotel registration for the official APTA CSM hospitality suites has passed, but you can contact APTA’s Housing Center at 800-809-9565 local and 972-349-5841. The APTA Housing Center is open Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-5:30 PM ET.

Be Advised:

APTA does not endorse booking hotel reservations via sources other than directly with MCI APTA’s official NSC housing vendor.

When APTA secures sleeping rooms at hotels for our conferences (commonly referred to as room blocks), the properties are researched to ensure that attendees and exhibitors are adequately accommodated. These room blocks are established to ensure that rooms meet our standards and are offered at a discounted price.

Per APTA’s website:

Room poaching is a practice carried out by third-party companies that act as travel agencies, wholesalers, or destination management companies to solicit registrants and exhibitors for room reservations for society or other organizations meetings. Often room poachers may misrepresent themselves as APTA’s official housing provider and registrants and exhibitors may be contacted by fax, email, or phone with offers for cut-rate housing. The poacher might inform registrants and exhibitors that the hotel room block is “sold out,” and that if you do not book with them immediately, you may not get a room.

Conference Transportation

Car rental discounts are still available for all attendees this year. Below are the official discount codes directly from the APTA website. You can view the information here.


Save up to 25% whenever you rent! Plus, APTA members receive free enrollment in Avis® Preferred® Service – Skip the lines and paperwork and go directly to your waiting car at over 2,800 locations worldwide!
AWD Number: T031200


Receive special savings and discounts on every rental! Take advantage of complimentary enrollment in Fastbreak® with your APTA membership!
BCD Number: X570900


Take advantage of low rates and save an additional 5% on Payless leisure daily, weekly, weekend, and monthly rentals.
PDN Number: T000000

If you would prefer to not have the responsibility of caring for a car while on a trip (hey, we get it!), you can choose to take a rideshare or taxicabs. APTA calculated the cost of the one-way fare, airport access:

  • Boulder: $88.57
  • Downtown Denver: $55.57
  • Denver Tech Center: $61.57
  • Broomfield and Louisville Area: $70.57 (Yellow Cab only)

Taxicabs, Metered Taxicab, and Rideshare Rates

Metered taxicab rates typically run anywhere between $62 to $70, plus a $4.57 access fee for each metered taxi trip.

Taxi cabs pick-up and drop-off from Jeppesen Terminal, Level 5, Island 1, outside Doors 505, 507, and 511 (Terminal East), and Doors 506, 510, 512 (Terminal West)

Uber and Lyft

Mobile App services like Uber and Lyft can pick up passengers in two locations:

Eastside: doors 615 and 617

Westside: doors 600 and 602

Line Commuter Train

Take the scenic route! The A-Line commuter train, operated by the Regional Transportation District offers transportation between DEN and downtown Denver. Spanning a distance of 23 miles and a travel time of 37 minutes, you’ll be able to sit back and relax all for the small price of $10.50.

Learn more about the transportation accommodations here.

Conference Events and Activities

Denver, Colorado is not short on sights and sees! With plenty of key attractions and must-sees, you’ll have a tough time picking which ones to see! Oh, and did we mention that many of them are free?! From Copper Mountain and Keystone Mountain to the United States Mint and the Colorado State Capitol, you’ll head home with a head full of wonderful memories and maybe some fun souvenirs.

Tips for Traveling at Higher Altitudes

Unless you live in a mountain city, you’re probably not accustomed to working and living at a higher altitude. For some people, the higher altitude doesn’t impact their health at all. However, for many people, higher altitudes can cause dizziness, nausea, and may make it difficult to work or concentrate. Check out these tips for handling the higher altitude:

  • Eat light meals
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Go light on the exercise

To learn more about how to cope with higher altitudes, read this article.

See You in Denver

We’re so excited to see you in just a few short days! Don’t forget to stop by booth #630 to say hi and get exclusive APTA CSM conference deals on all of our EcoPro pillow covers and products.

Can’t make it to the conference next week? Check out our post on the Top 3 Conferences to attend this year!

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